China thwarts Indian attempts to isolate Pakistan

After 26/11 episode in Mumbai, New Delhi announced to isolate Islamabad from the entire civilized world and launched strings of diplomatic strikes on Pakistan by activating its propaganda machines even in the West.
The entire Indian hierarchy including the military leadership spent sleepless nights, working out strategy to attach terrorism with Pakistan as a state-sponsored policy in order to damage the repute of the only nuclear-armed Islamic power in the world.
Since then, the poverty-stricken India has been wasting all its resources and signing defence deals worth billions of dollars with the leading economies like USA, France, Russia, Japan, and UK just to get few anti-Pakistan media statements to please fanatic Hindus, backing saffron terror in the South Asia.
A couple of days ago, India sealed N-deals with Russian, thanks to Civil Nuclear Deal with USA that opened a gate way for India to shop nuclear capabilities from across the world. Recently, India and France concluded $ 9.3 billion framework agreement for installation of two EPR reactors by Areva in Jaitapur, Maharashtra. Generous agreements for setting up nuclear facilities in India have been signed by USA, UK, Russia, Canada etc. These major global players are flocking around to have their share of Indian economic pie.
Recession stricken economies are constrained to enter such huge deals to heal their own sufferings. Economic factor is important and is of immediate concern but it is not the only reason that has brought India into American and western focus.
Indian aspiration to become a regional and global power made it a perfect choice to be groomed as possible counter weight to China. The whole process of change in Asia has been expedited by global recession. India being a vibrant economy is receiving too much in to little a time. That is rapidly transforming regional balance of power and is presenting grave threat to the peace of the area. It appears that the resolution of regional disputes on Indian terms was part of strategic understanding reached between USA and India. The Americans have out rightly declined to play as mediators to resolve Kashmir dispute. UK Primer David Cameron and now French President Nicolas Sarkozy resorted to bash Pakistan and ignored the sufferings of Kashmiri’s during their visits to India as if such behaviours were part of the nuclear deals they made with India. Apathy to the Kashmir cause and the notion that Pakistan is supporting terrorism carries malicious designs that have the ability to push the region into a nuclear conflict.
Over all these years Pakistan has demonstrated remarkable resolve and determination to protect its sovereignty. In presence of Pakistan’s motivated and professional Armed Forces and potent nuclear deterrence it won’t be an easy prey in itself. The ripples created by this unprecedented lean age towards India have already started disturbing the balance of power in the region.
Consequentially, there is a visible improvement in existing warm relations between Pakistan and China. President Asif Ali Zardari has visited China almost every quarter. His efforts will prove instrumental in developing strong economic ties between the two countries. Chinese while honouring their previous commitment have opted to provide two nuclear power plants to Pakistan to be installed at Chashma despite US and NSG pressure. The move is seen as Chinese effort to retain balance of power in the region and to maintain Pakistan as a potent regional state.
The changes which are coming about in the region will only add to the tension if India tries to settle disputes on its own terms. Its acquisition of nuclear capability and building up of military muscles certainly won’t guaranty its free run in the area. Chinese Primer Wen Jiabao concluded a detailed to visit Pakistan few days ago. After his successful visit the expected “Strategic Dialogue” between the two countries has begun.
He also addressed joint session of the parliament and Chinese companies concluded agreements for investment of about $35 billion in different infrastructural and developmental projects in Pakistan. This reinvigoration of relations between the two countries will act as a major check on unopposed dominance of smaller states of the region by India.
US probably will need to revisit its notion of dominating Asian resources through India. In this rapidly transforming world the concept of having absolute supremacy is already outmoded. With the knowledge and technology explosion dominance of nations through military might or coercion is no more a viable option. The only way forward is mutual cooperation based on win-win propositions as China’s unprecedented support to Pakistan has blocked all Indian ambitions to isolate Pakistan on nuclear front.

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