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January 25, 2011

China cooperating with Pakistan in all sectors

A delegation of Chinese Company M/s Shaanxi Xintong Intelligent Company demonstrated the working of solar energy water pump, Sprinkle and Drip Irrigation system at village Mann near Kasur, says a press release received here on Monday. The President of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL), Muhammad Zaka Ashraf, Public, Media representatives and a large number of farmers participated in the demonstration.

“This is the continuation of the strenuous efforts made by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani regarding welfare and promotion of the ignored community of farmers,” said by Zaka Ashraf.

He further stated that China is cooperating with Pakistan in all sectors, adding that our economy is based on agriculture and there is a fear that shortage of irrigation water will be at its maximum in the coming years. Introduction of such cost saving technologies will add a lot to the national economy.

The Head of Chinese delegation Yuxinlu said that the solar energy based irrigation can revolutionise the Pakistani agriculture sector and can go a long way in achieving the food-security for the teeming millions of Pakistan.

via General News – Pakistan – ‘China cooperating with Pakistan in all sectors’.

January 22, 2011

Pakistan, China should trade in local currencies

The government should take steps to commence trade between Pakistan and China in local currencies with special emphasis on greater Chinese investment in Pakistan’s lagging value-addition economic activities for making meaningful improvement in bilateral trade balance.

The greater Chinese investment in Pakistan would be a win-win situation for both the countries and not just the trade in local currencies that appears a mere procedural issue. Only this would make the move mutually beneficial and go a long way in strengthening growing economic ties between the two countries, said Sardar Usman Ghani, Director International Federation of Hardware and Houseware Association and former Central Chairman of Pakistan Hardware Merchants Association, while talking to Business Recorder here on Friday.

It will also reduce Pakistan’s heavy dependence on US dollar-dominated trade while the move may also strengthen Pakistan rupee against the greenback, he added. He said both the economies were visibly different from each other in terms of structure, size and trade dependency. China is globally integrated economy with trade dependency ratio of over 60 percent whereas Pakistan’s international trade is around one-fifth of the total size of the economy, he said.

He, however, said the case of promoting Pakistan-China trade in local currency has a real underlying risk of further flooding the local markets with Chinese goods. China already has a large trade surplus of over US $5 billion against Pakistan when smuggling and under-invoicing is taken into account, he added.

Ghani said that China has much to sell to Pakistan and has much to benefit from trade in local currency. It is also a long-term strategic ambition of the Chinese government to promote Yuan as an alternative to dollar. Pakistan can also benefit from the gradual shift taking place in international financial system, but we should link our strategic economic objectives with those of China aiming to become an equal trading partner, he maintained.

He was of the view that bilateral trade between any two countries in local currencies has certain advantages especially in terms of reducing cost with the help of savings on exchange rate loss of up to 5 percent. Currently, Pakistani businesses have to go through a complex and cumbersome currency exchange process, he said.

The traders firstly have to convert Pak Rupee in dollars for further conversion into RMB, which is often hard to obtain outside China closely guarding her currency to repel any unwanted rise in its value vis-à-vis American pressure for upward revaluation of Yuan-Dollar parity. However, the move seems a little premature since the balance of Pak-China bilateral trade greatly favours the neighbouring global economic powerhouse that sold over US $5 billion worth of mainly consumer goods to Pakistan last year, he maintained.

The imports of Chinese goods in Pakistan are far higher than officially reported figures of little over US $3 billion for 2000-10, he said and added that China and Russia have already dropped dollar out of bilateral trade which has reduced trading cost and exchange rate risk.

Ghani pointed out the Sino-Russia case for business in local currencies is different because a fair amount of China-Russia trade is already taking place in local currencies especially since Yuan is widely considered as a highly stable currency and Rubble fully convertible. Russia achieved trade surplus against China in 2009. The bilateral trade between the two countries is expected to be around US $50 billion this year mainly in favour of Moscow on account of oil and electricity exports, he said. Moscow, which is already enjoying a trade surplus of US $4 billion against China, is also implicitly promoting Chinese strategic ambition for Yuan to become an alternative to US dollar as another stable global currency, he maintained.

Without first fixing the trade balance against China, Pakistan would not have much to gain from the move, thus the government needs to adopt a serious approach in improving exports to China from the current low of around US $1.5 billion. China must be encouraged and invited to not only become an increasing large importer of mainly consumer good in Pakistan but also become a producer of goods in Pakistan, he asserted.

Ghani said that Pakistan could be a large hub of Chinese investors in export-oriented industries by virtue of its rich natural resource-base, low cost labour and geographical advantages. Instead of just considering Pakistan a major source of cheap raw material, China should consider Pakistan a competitive base for value-addition while greatly benefiting from easy access to Middle Eastern and European markets through Karachi and Gwadar, he said.

Money and Banking – Pakistan – Government urged to start trade between Pakistan, China in their on currencies.

January 21, 2011

Chinese-Pakistani youth needs to utilized

Pakistan-China population together makes up 21% of the world’s population as per recent figures. The youth on both sides of the border is the untapped resource that needs to be utilised in the 21st century; this driving force will be responsible for growth and development of our two great nations. An empowered youth together can change the picture of this region.

According to a press release this was stated by Roots School System Director Faisal Mushtaq, at the conclusion ceremony of the debate and discussion hosted by the famous China’s CCTV channel host Yang Rui while sharing his views with students on his visit at Roots High School, Nazim-ud-Din Road, F-8/4 campus.

The discussion forum was organized by Roots School System Chinese Language Department in collaboration of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Pakistan Embassy China, Government of Pakistan and Pakistan China Institute.

Yang Rui popular TV host was accompanied by Yang Ning, chief editor of China’s CCTV and three members of the media delegation during their visit to Pakistan. Mr. Yang added that we must challenge the youth to think beyond, think about the challenges of tomorrow, and what must be done today, highlighting the importance of partnering for tomorrow and taking this already strong relationship further. Together hand in hand with our friends in Pakistan, we can achieve greatness as the options for cooperation and possibilities are endless.

On his arrival at the Roots campus Yang Rui was welcomed by Rootsians carrying flags of both Pakistan and China and countries national anthem were played. The guests were impressed when young Rootsians said Ni Hao (welcome) while presenting the bouquet. In a virtual tour 60 years of long lasting Pak China friendship was shown through an animated multimedia presentation.

During the interactive session; Urooj Naveed, a student asked about educational opportunities for Pakistani students in China, Yang Rui replied that as Roots School System has launched the Chinese language classes initiative and if a student looks for job after his/her language training he will have equal opportunities in each field.

Yang Rui said that Pakistan would always remain a business friendly country for Chinese companies and people, so currently Urdu language is being offered at the university level in China. CCTV media team also recorded the ongoing activities of daily schooling and interviewed students and staff.

Faisal Mushtaq Chaudhry said that Chinese language has been introduced in our school curriculum from grade 1 to grade 7 to promote cultural, social, business and educational opportunities among China and Pakistan for the benefit of future generations. He also added that Roots students and leadership was recognised and appreciated for our role in support of Sino-Pak Friendship during the inauguration ceremony of Pak-China Friendship Centre by Wen Jiabao, Chinese prime minister during his last visit to Pakistan.

At the conclusion students raised slogans in support Pak-China friendship by calling it higher than the mountains, sweeter than honey and deeper than oceans. The Pak-China youth club 21:21 was also launched at this happy and historic occasion.

Young people can change scenario of the region.

January 20, 2011

‘Pak-China Friendship Year 2011’ plan finalised

A comprehensive action plan to celebrate Pakistan-China Friendship Year 2011 has been chalked out, focussing on wider interaction between the two countries’ leadership and people through joint activities and exchanges.

The rich array of 69 events in diplomatic, cultural and educational areas spans the entire year with an average of five events a month and as many as 14 in May and 12 in November. The year 2011 was declared as the ‘Pak-China Friendship Year’ during the recent visit of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to Pakistan, wherein the two governments had decided to celebrate 60th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Pak diplomatic relations with full fervour.

JANUARY-MARCH: Salient events in the year’s first quarter include holding a forum on Pak-China people-to-people friendship’, Chinese Spring Festival on January 27-31, special business forum and nationwide essay writing competition on Pak-China friendship for school and college students. Pakistani officials will visit China to participate in Western China International Fair, Urumqi Fair and Kashghar International Fair, while a 100-member Chinese youth delegation is already in Pakistan. A delegation of Pakistan’s print and electronic media will visit China in February while women parliamentarians’ visit will take place in March. A delegation of Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs delegation will visit Pakistan in March.

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation will organise a special ceremony for airing China Radio International FM programme in Pakistan, whereas Pakistan Television will hold weekly Chinese language classes from March onwards.

APRIL-JUNE: Besides a leadership level visit from Pakistan to China, the plan’s second quarter holds a significant chunk for sports that comprises friendly matches by the cricket teams of Pakistan and China in Islamabad and Lahore, visit of Pakistan’s women cricket team to China and a Pak-China Friendship Golf Tournament in April. Pak-China Business Summit will also be held in the same month.

The cultural activities include a painting and photographic exhibition at Pak-China Friendship Centre along with performances by Chinese arts troupe. Pakistani performing arts troupe will also visit China in May.

Commemorative stamps and a coin will be issued while a book on Pak-China relations will be launched in May. The Pak-China mountaineering expedition will head to Korakorum heights in June.

JULY-SEPTEMBER: The two countries will undergo military-to-military exchanges and friendship exercises in August. A delegation of Pakistan Foreign Office Women Association will visit China in August, whereas the students from Pakistan study centres in Tsinghua University and Sichuan University will also visit Pakistan in the same month.

Workshop on traditional Chinese medicine, a ‘Conservation and biodiversity seminar’ and a seminar on ‘Silk Road and harmonious interaction between civilizations’ at Confucius Institute, will be held in Islamabad.

A documentary on travel of Chinese monk Xuanzang to Taxila and impact of Gandhara on Chinese civilization will be telecast by Pakistan Television. In September, the young Chinese diplomats and the Urdu speaking Chinese students and faculty from the South Asian Department of Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University will visit Pakistan.

Chinese hockey team will also visit Pakistan in September.

OCTOBER-DECEMBER: In October, the arts and culture activities include holding of Chinese Film Festival in Islamabad, joint production on film documentary on Pak-China friendship and publication of anthology of poetry translated by Pakistan’s first envoy to China Ahmad Ali.

A delegation of Chinese Armed Forces Police Hospital and the China Earthquake Bureau to Pakistan will visit here in October to commemorate Chinese medical missions during Kashmir earthquake (2005) and floods (2010).

In November, the Chinese leadership will visit Pakistan.

The cultural activities in November include photographic exhibition and Pak-China music festival in Islamabad and a performance by Chinese Handicapped Association to China titled ‘My Dream’ in China.

The students of Chinese language from National University of Modern Languages (NUML) and young Pakistani diplomats will visit China while Chinese celebrities will come to Pakistan.

The third meeting of ECG and the 15th meeting of China-Pakistan Economy and Trade Joint Committee and another China-Pakistan Forum will be held simultaneously in December. Chinese soccer team and a delegation of Chinese Writers Association will visit Pakistan in late December.

Apart from fixed monthly schedule, the additional packages include running of special friendship train by Pakistan Railways from Rawalpindi to Karachi, while Pakistan International Airlines will arrange special friendship tours between Pakistan and China.

‘Pak-China Friendship Year 2011’ plan finalised.

January 19, 2011

Sino-Pak Friendship Year: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa forms task force for celebration

The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has established task force for celebration of 2011 as “China-Pakistan Friendship Year” on the occasion of 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan.

The task force to be headed by Additional Chief Secretary Planning &Development as its chairman and Vice Chancellor Quetta Peshawar, Secretary Information, Secretary Industries, Secretary Higher Education, Secretary Sports & Culture, Secretary Inter Provincial Co-ordination and Secretary Local Government and Rural Development as its members.

The task force is to plan, co-ordinate and oversee appropriate activities focusing on the framework of special receptions in the provincial capital by Governor/Chief Minister, special festive events involving people from all segments of society particularly youth, educational institutions, provincial governments and local councils, essay & writing competitions on Pakistan and China relationship during the last 60 year, holding of business forums and conference, special event on May 21st in co-ordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China – Pakistan Music Festivals, university level events to participate in the friendship year and wide publicity to events through press and electronic media.

via General News – Pakistan – Sino-Pak Friendship Year: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa forms task force for celebration.

January 19, 2011

China to be major export destination of Pakistan in 2011

China will be the major export destination of Pakistan during financial 2011 with over 30 percent of the total exports which certainly need improvement in the scale of production.

Despite having gigantic imports worth $1 trillion by China exporters so far failed to grab that huge market reflected in the trade balance which is heavily tilting in favor of China.

The most significant initiatives taken by the present government to have a serious dialogue with China as well as Sri Lanka, Iran and Turkey to set aside trade in dollar terms as the transaction should take place either in local currencies.

The significant development on currency front has a great potential to multiply trade volume with China without adding pressure on foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan.

In the present scenario the policy of imposing sanctions against Iran by the United State has open a new door for regional currencies as recently Iran has expressed its willingness to accept payment of an oil deal worth $20 billion in rupee terms from India.

It may be mentioned that the key exports from Pakistan to China include: textiles and made-ups, leather, marine products, minerals, marble/granite, chemicals, and food items. Although the basket of export items is quite limited however there was a dire need to expand the production base of the same items to the economy of the scale to meet the import requirements of China.

One of the most exciting areas of cooperation between Pakistan and China is the flow of investment into Pakistan. Though at the moment China has made investments in various projects especially natural resources and infrastructure development to the tune of $15 billion but it does not translate the true spirit of the relations between the two countries as well as the size of the Chinese economy.

The trust worthy friends of China need to be encouraged in a large number of untapped economically potential areas such as agriculture, oil and gas exploration and development of infrastructure in Thar coal fields.

The financial analysts were of the view that China will overtake the United States as the largest economy as early as 2018 on purchasing power parity as the financial crisis accelerates the shift in economic power to emerging economies.

The Federal Ministry of Trade and Commerce as well as TDAP have strongly recommended that China and Pakistan need to work together to improve the efficacy of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) through dismantling Non Tariff Barriers.

To achieve the target of enhancing exports to China the government is working on the projects focusing on Trade related workshops and seminars to be held both in China and Pakistan, in order to educate and create awareness amongst stakeholders about the trade potential.

Despite having ideal and close friendly bilateral relations on government to government level between the two countries, the barrier of Chinese language is the only irritant hampering growth in business relations between the private sectors of the two countries.

In order to bridge the gap, it is a food for thought for the policy makers at the helm of affairs that courses of Chinese language should be introduced at all business colleges and universities to pave the way for smooth communication between the business counters parts in both of the countries.

China to be major export destination in 2011.

January 18, 2011

Pakistan and China Radios in cooperation

China Radio International (CRI) Monday launched two hour transmission through Radio Pakistan’s FM-93 channel as part of initiatives aimed at strengthening relations between Pakistan and China.Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Liu Jian pushed the button to officially launch the service, which would be one hour each in Urdu and English.Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Media Advisor to the President Ms. Farahnaz Ispahani expressed the confidence that the service would help widen and deepen relationship between the two countries. She pointed out that President Asif Ali Zardari attaches great importance to relations with China and that is why he chose China as the first country for his official visit abroad after assumption of office of the President.

Ispahani further said it was encouraging that Radio Pakistan and China Radio International have entered into a close partnership in the first month of the current year, which has been designated as Pak-China Friendship Year.
The Media Advisor to the President hoped that the programme would help disseminate news about China and promote cultural and educational links between the two neighbourly countries.
Chinese Ambassador Liu Jian, said the new service would serve as an important bridge to promote mutual understanding  and cultural exchange between the two countries.
He said the launching of the programme is a new aspect of cooperation between the two countries based on the agreement concluded during recent visit of the Chinese Prime Minister to Pakistan.
Parliamentary Secretary Information and Broadcasting Azeem Daultana, speaking on the occasion, said the Pakistani leadership was pro-China and we are looking towards China for more cooperation in different fields.
He said that friendship between Pakistan and China is exemplary and the launching of CRI service would add another dimension to this close relationship.
In his welcome address, Director-General Radio Pakistan Murtaza Solangi said five stations of FM-93 including Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Karachi and Kohat would broadcast CRI programmes in Urdu and English.
He pointed out that the initiative has been launched when the two countries were in the second week of their year-long celebrations to mark 60 years of establishment of diplomatic relations.
Message of Director-General of CRI was also read on the occasion in which he hoped that the service would further contribute to the development of mutual understanding and closer relations between the two countries.
He said the service would help Pakistani listeners learn more about economic, cultural, entertainment and other aspects of Chinese life.
Additional Secretary East Asia Pacific of Foreign Office Javed Hassan hoped that the launching of CRI programmes would help bring the two countries closer in culture and strengthen their people-to-people ties.
Director General Internal Publicity Ministry of Information Muhammad Azam and Director General APP Muhammad Riaz also attended the ceremony.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – CRI launches 2-hour transmission on PBC’s FM-93 channel in 5 cities.

January 17, 2011

Youths are envoy of Pak-China all-weather, time-tested friendship: Ambassador Masood

Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Masood Khan has said that youth are the envoys of Pakistan-China friendship and represent the most dynamic element in people to people contacts between the two countries.He said this while welcoming a delegation of students from the China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) who visited Pakistan Embassy.China Foreign Affairs University is one of the prestigious and prominent universities of China. It is associated with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is sometimes referred to as a “cradle of diplomats”.The Embassy of Pakistan regularly receives students from CFAU to have an interaction with them, to respond to their questions, and to inform them about Pakistan-China relations.
Pakistan’s envoy to China, Masood Khan stressed on the historic bonds of friendship between Pakistan and China highlighting that the relationship between the two countries is unique and is growing from strength to strength with the passage of time.
“In many ways the Pakistan China relations have become a model for interstate relations,” he added.
Khan said that the bond at the level of people has sustained our ties despite internal and external changes, addining: “We were friends in the Cold War and we are friends now”.
The Pakistan Ambassador said that this year is a special year as we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani and Premier Wen Jiabao have declared 2011 as Pakistan China Friendship Year.
Ambassador Khan pointed out that there would special emphasis on people to people contacts and on youths.
He informed  the students that studying diplomacy, international law,and foreign languages’ is good for you because you will become successful professionals in your lives.
It is good for diplomacy because you would use your skills to resolve differences amongst nations and to bring them closer, he added.
The Pakistan Ambassador to China said that that the people of Pakistan and China love each other.  The relationship between the two countries has now to be inherited by young men and women of China and Pakistan who will be future architects and custodians of this unique brand of interstate relations, he said.
Speaking to the participants, Masood Khan said China is leading the way forward in world trade and finance and Pakistan is keen to learn from its experiences.
The Ambassador said we will boost our bilateral trade from current US$ 7 billion to US S 15 billion in the next five years. He said both countries will jointly work in areas of health, education, agriculture, infrastructure, information and communications technology, energy, agriculture, and industry.
Masood Khan said that steps are being taken for increasing the people to people and cultural contacts between the two countries. He stated that the youth hold the key to any country’s future and that he is confident that the youth of both countries have the resolve to carry the beacon of this unique friendship in future.
The Pakistan Ambassador said that this year the special emphasis is on youth exchanges and a 100 member Chinese delegation which was in Pakistan just returned Friday.
Masood Khan expressed the hope that in the near future a 100 member Pakistan youth delegation and 100 Pakistani students of high/middle school students will come to China to learn about this great country.
He informed the students that Premier Wen Jiabao during his recent visit to Pakistan announced 500 scholarships for Pakistani students in the next three years.
There are 6000 Pakistani students studying in Chinese universities and we want to increase the number to at least 10000, he added.
The Pakistan envoy said that there would be special focus on expansion of cultural, sporting and people to people interactions in a comprehensive manner and engagement in broad context between the universities, think tanks, academic institutions, mass media, film and television industry.
“We will also explore the possibility of exchange of young entrepreneurs and volunteers and establish a young entrepreneur’s forum”, he added.
Masood Khan said Pakistan aspires to consolidate itself as a progressive and democratic nation and as catalyst for peace and development in the region.
“Pakistan wants to achieve these objectives in close collaboration with its closest friend China,” he observed.
Earlier, Ms. Niki Wu, Vice President, Current Affairs Student Association of CFAU said that Pakistan and China enjoy very deep relations.
She said that Pakistan and China are close friends and the friendship has strengthened over the past six decades. Niki said that it is now the duty of the youth of the two countries to raise this unique relationship to new heights.
Senior officers from the Embassy were also present on the occasion.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Youths are envoy of Pak-China all- weather, time-tested friendship: Ambassador Masood.

January 16, 2011

Chinese youth delegation returns home

A 100-member Chinese youth delegation who was on a week-long goodwill visit to Pakistan returned here Friday morning.“We had very good meetings with the Pakistani leadership including President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani”,said the leader of the delegation Ni Jian while talking to APP at the Beijing Capital Airport.

Ni Jian said that “we were very touched and very encouraged with our meetings with His Excellency President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani”.

The meetings and their speeches, he further said have greatly encouraged the members of the Chinese youths delegation.

He pointed out that common wishes of the both countries are to pass-on ever lasting friendship from generations to generations.

The purpose of the visit was to strengthen friendship of the two countries to new heights through exchange of youth delegations, said Ni Jian who is Assistant Chairman of All China Youth Federation.

The exchange of youth delegations will bring new vitality in promotion of friendship between Pakistan and China, he added.

The youth from China, he said have benefitted and learnt a lot during their visit and made a number of friends as well.

The programmed for exchange of youth delegations from both the countries was launched following a decision taken during President Hu Jintao official visit to Pakistan in 2006.

Besides, Islamabad the youth delegation also visited Karachi.Before leaving for Beijing, the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah hosted a reception for the delegation at Karachi.

via Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Chinese youth delegation returns home.

January 16, 2011

China, Pak need to remove non-tariff barriers

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has prepared an action plan for 2011 to increase Pakistan share in more than $ 1 trillion China’s global import. The work plan, prepared by TDAP’s chief executive Tariq Puri, has stressed upon China and Pakistan to work together to improve the efficacy of the free trade agreement (FTA) by dismantling non-tariff barriers.

TDAP will arrange participation of Pakistani exporters in 15 international exhibitions in China representing different sectors during 2011, besides sending 8 businessmen delegations to the second largest economy of the world. Under the plan, TDAP will invite and sponsor businessmen delegation from China to visit Pakistan EXPO in February 2011. In addition, TDAP will host several other Chinese buying missions in Pakistan.

The action called for holding of more trade related workshops and seminars in China and Pakistan, to educate and create awareness amongst stakeholders about the trade potential. TDAP wants to work with its counterpart in China-CCPIT to launch new initiatives of mutual co-operation for the development of bilateral trade and investment in export related sectors.

TDAP will hold mango festival in China on a larger scale to capture this lucrative market. Currently the list of key Pakistan exports to China are limited to textiles and made-ups, leather, marine products, minerals, marble/granite, chemicals, and food items.—APP

via China, Pak need to remove non-tariff barriers.