Chinese youth delegation visits NARC in Pakistan

The All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) High Powered delegation comprising 100 members headed by Ni Jian, President, All-China Youth Federation visited National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) on Saturday.Director General, NARC, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad briefed the delegation members about the various agricultural research activities being taken at the centre.He apprized the delegation that PARC has been responsible for promoting and coordinating agricultural research besides generating, acquiring and desiminating agricultural information for expeditious utilization of research results and training of high level scientific manpower.He said China and Pakistan signed a number of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) for the development of agricultural sector in Pakistan.

Later the delegation was taken in the field area where they took keen interest in Chinese varieties being developed at NARC.        It may be recalled that ACYF was established in 1949 as a federative body of Chinese youth organizations and excellent youth nationwide.
Through its 52-member organizations and over 77,000 individual members at all levels, it reaches over 300 million young people across China while it aims to represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of young people and promote youth participation and development.
Speaking on the occasion, Ni Jian, President, ACYF highlighted the basic task of the youth federation. He said that Pakistan and China friendship has been built on sound footings adding that China can help Pakistanin every field including agriculture.
He said both countries have developed an all weather friendship and conducted multi-dimensional cooperation in different fields adding Pak-China diplomatic relation is time-tested and progressing by leaps and bounds.
The friendship between the two countries will play a significant role especially in socio-economic sector, he added.
On this occasion agricultural scientists of various agricultural disciplines were present in the field who also briefed the delegation about their research activities.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Chinese youth delegation visits NARC.


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