Lok Virsa well received by Chinese students

A 100-member Chinese youth delegation visited Lok Virsa at The Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage Shakarparian on Monday.

Executive Director Lok Virsa Khalid Javaid briefed the delegation on Pakistan’s cultural heritage, the functioning of Lok Virsa as a specialised national organisation. He also highlighted the significance of Pakistan’s centuries-old ties with China.

Besides, a documentary on cultural heritage of Pakistan called “Circarama Box” was also screened. The delegation took rounds of various three-dimensional-cultural displays at the Pakistan National Museum of Ethnology, showcasing the indigenous folk culture and lifestyles of the people.

They took active interest in the hall, which depicted cultural affinities and the link passage with China and contained artefacts presented by the Chinese government. The students were also shown the Karakoram Highway. The hall of sufis and shrines within the museums introduced the delegation to the mystical side of the country.

The Chinese youth concluded their tour saying “it is a wonderful museum that presents the rich cultures and traditions of Pakistani people.”

via Lok Virsa well received by Chinese students – The Express Tribune.


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