Pak-Chinese relations beneficial for global harmony

Friendship with China is the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy and Pakistan views its relations beneficial not only for progress and development of both the countries but also as an important factor for regional and international harmony, said State Minister for Foreign Affairs Nawabzada Malik Ammad Khan.

Addressing a two-day conference on Pak-China relations organized by Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS) here on Tuesday, he said that people of Pakistan derived strength and rejoiced in the great accomplishments of the Chinese nation, which were nothing short of modern day miracle.

The two-day conference is being organized in order to launch the intellectual side of the decision of the two countries to celebrate 2011 as the year of Pakistan-China friendship.

Speaking at the inaugural session Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Liu Jian said that Pak-China friendship has remained vigorous and energetic and brought about fruitful achievements for two nations. He identified four major factors behind exemplary bilateral ties of the two countries: both countries’ strictly adherence to the five principles of peaceful coexistence; their wholehearted support for each other through thick and thin; high level of economic integration and consensus on regional and international issues.

Ambassador (r) Tanvir Ahmad Khan in his welcome address shed light on the importance of China as an integral part of our worldview and admired the highly constructive manner in which China has embraced the role as a major global power. China Institute of Contemporary International Relations’ Vice President Wang Zaibang said that the emergence of China as a global power is absolutely a positive factor for the establishment of a harmonious world because the Chinese government and the people pursue the traditional ideas of harmony.

Former Foreign Secretary Riaz H Khokhar chaired first session of the conference, while Wang Zaibang chaired the second session of the conference. Simbal Khan from ISS in her presentation, titled ‘Afghanistan and its geo-political environment: Opportunities and challenges’, shed light on the current state of security situation in Afghanistan highlighting the fact that the states in the neighborhood are affected most by the fallout of the war.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Pak-Chinese relations beneficial for global harmony.


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