China, Pak need to remove non-tariff barriers

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has prepared an action plan for 2011 to increase Pakistan share in more than $ 1 trillion China’s global import. The work plan, prepared by TDAP’s chief executive Tariq Puri, has stressed upon China and Pakistan to work together to improve the efficacy of the free trade agreement (FTA) by dismantling non-tariff barriers.

TDAP will arrange participation of Pakistani exporters in 15 international exhibitions in China representing different sectors during 2011, besides sending 8 businessmen delegations to the second largest economy of the world. Under the plan, TDAP will invite and sponsor businessmen delegation from China to visit Pakistan EXPO in February 2011. In addition, TDAP will host several other Chinese buying missions in Pakistan.

The action called for holding of more trade related workshops and seminars in China and Pakistan, to educate and create awareness amongst stakeholders about the trade potential. TDAP wants to work with its counterpart in China-CCPIT to launch new initiatives of mutual co-operation for the development of bilateral trade and investment in export related sectors.

TDAP will hold mango festival in China on a larger scale to capture this lucrative market. Currently the list of key Pakistan exports to China are limited to textiles and made-ups, leather, marine products, minerals, marble/granite, chemicals, and food items.—APP

via China, Pak need to remove non-tariff barriers.


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