Chinese language should be promoted in Pakistan for deepening trade and economic ties – Mahfooz Elahi

China is one of the most important trading partner of Pakistan and for the expansion of business ties, China should consider granting long duration visa to Pakistani businessmen.

Mahfooz Elahi, President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry was of the view that government of Pakistan should table a proposal to the Chinese government for giving long duration multiple visas to Pakistani businessmen.

Pakistan’s exports to China should be enhanced through governmental support to businessmen for participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and to explore Chinese market for expansion of trade, he maintained.

President ICCI stressed that government should provide support to the chambers in sending business delegations to China, whereas TDAP and Ministry of Commerce should devise focused and integrated strategy with the private sector involvement to increase share in of Pakistani products in the Chinese market.

As future strategy Chinese language should also be promoted in Pakistan to use it as a tool for developing long term business relations with the Chinese companies. Also Chinese language should be made a part in the school curriculum as a foreign language along with English to reduce the communication gap, he opinioned.

Mahfooz Elahi said that the year 2011 was declared as ‘Pak-China Friendship Year’ and was of the view that youth of the two nations can act as a bridge for further deepening friendly, trade and economic relations and emphasized on the need for the exchange of cultural and youth business delegations by both sides.

He said that a special Task Force is being formed at ICCI for greater linkage with the government and stakeholder Chinese organizations to accelerate Pakistan’s exports

via ONLINE – International News Network.


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