Chinese-Pakistani youth needs to utilized

Pakistan-China population together makes up 21% of the world’s population as per recent figures. The youth on both sides of the border is the untapped resource that needs to be utilised in the 21st century; this driving force will be responsible for growth and development of our two great nations. An empowered youth together can change the picture of this region.

According to a press release this was stated by Roots School System Director Faisal Mushtaq, at the conclusion ceremony of the debate and discussion hosted by the famous China’s CCTV channel host Yang Rui while sharing his views with students on his visit at Roots High School, Nazim-ud-Din Road, F-8/4 campus.

The discussion forum was organized by Roots School System Chinese Language Department in collaboration of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Pakistan Embassy China, Government of Pakistan and Pakistan China Institute.

Yang Rui popular TV host was accompanied by Yang Ning, chief editor of China’s CCTV and three members of the media delegation during their visit to Pakistan. Mr. Yang added that we must challenge the youth to think beyond, think about the challenges of tomorrow, and what must be done today, highlighting the importance of partnering for tomorrow and taking this already strong relationship further. Together hand in hand with our friends in Pakistan, we can achieve greatness as the options for cooperation and possibilities are endless.

On his arrival at the Roots campus Yang Rui was welcomed by Rootsians carrying flags of both Pakistan and China and countries national anthem were played. The guests were impressed when young Rootsians said Ni Hao (welcome) while presenting the bouquet. In a virtual tour 60 years of long lasting Pak China friendship was shown through an animated multimedia presentation.

During the interactive session; Urooj Naveed, a student asked about educational opportunities for Pakistani students in China, Yang Rui replied that as Roots School System has launched the Chinese language classes initiative and if a student looks for job after his/her language training he will have equal opportunities in each field.

Yang Rui said that Pakistan would always remain a business friendly country for Chinese companies and people, so currently Urdu language is being offered at the university level in China. CCTV media team also recorded the ongoing activities of daily schooling and interviewed students and staff.

Faisal Mushtaq Chaudhry said that Chinese language has been introduced in our school curriculum from grade 1 to grade 7 to promote cultural, social, business and educational opportunities among China and Pakistan for the benefit of future generations. He also added that Roots students and leadership was recognised and appreciated for our role in support of Sino-Pak Friendship during the inauguration ceremony of Pak-China Friendship Centre by Wen Jiabao, Chinese prime minister during his last visit to Pakistan.

At the conclusion students raised slogans in support Pak-China friendship by calling it higher than the mountains, sweeter than honey and deeper than oceans. The Pak-China youth club 21:21 was also launched at this happy and historic occasion.

Young people can change scenario of the region.


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