China Radio urges boosting of Sino-Pak economic relations

Wang Qianting, bureau chief of the China Radio International (CRI) in Pakistan, has said that Pakistan and China can move towards economic integration besides concentrating on economic diplomacy as national security and territorial integrity are closely linked to economic strength.

Speaking at a function to mark the 60th anniversary celebrations of establishment of Pakistan-China diplomatic relations, she said 2011 was being officially declared by both countries as the year of friendship.

The Chinese journalist said Pakistan and China enjoyed excellent political, cultural, educational, social and diplomatic relations. “It’s time to strengthen cooperation in more fields like economy and education,” she added.

Yearlong celebrations of Pak-China’s 60 years of close relations would bring closer the people of the two countries, she said, adding Sino-Pakistan cultural exchange and development of CRI-DX Council would also be beneficial for cementing the ties.

She said Pakistan-China Friendship Centre, established by government of the People’s Republic of China and donated to Pakistan as symbol of friendship, was one of the proofs of our love for each other.

Wang Qianting said CRI was established in 1941 and now it was broadcasting programmes in 61 different languages including Urdu with Chinese language class. The CRI has so far completed 2400 hours duration of its programme.

via Boosting of Sino-Pak economic relations urged.


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