Chinese officials dedicate Lantern Day Festival eve to Pak-China friendship

Lauding the contribution of China’s former Ambassadors, diplomats and senior officials who had worked in Pakistan,Ambassador Masood Khan said that their dedication and commitment to responsibilities solidified Pakistan-China friendship making it a model for other countries to replicate.Ambassador Masood expressed these views here on Thursday while addressing a reception at an evening dedicated to Pakistan-China friendship

on the occasion of Chinese Lantern Day Festival, one of the most festive occasions in the Chinese lunar calendar.

China’s two former Ambassadors to Pakistan, Luo Zhaohui and Zhang Chunxiang along with nearly 100 other officials who had worked in Pakistan at some stage in their career were present on the occasion.

These included former Defence Attaches, Major General Cai Qihua and Major General Li Mengyan, Senior Colonel Guo Guangehen, Deputy Director General of PLA, Deputy Director General Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Zheng Tao, former Counsellors at Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Yao Jing and Min Tianshi as well as Chen Shanming the former Consul General in Karachi.

Ambassador Masood Khan reiterated that “Pakistan-China relationship is unique and unprecedented. It is on solid ground and it continues to flourish”,he said adding that we are determined to take this relationship to new heights in strategic, economic and cultural spheres.

Expressing his gratitude to former Chinese envoy to Pakistan,Ambassador Luo Zhaohui for arranging such an event and inviting him and other diplomats from the Pakistan Embassy to the Lateran Day Festival reception, Ambassador Masood Khan termed it a gathering of the friends of Pakistan and the promoters of Pakistan-China friendship.

“I know that today we have amongst us people who have spent a lifetime to strengthen political solidarity between our two countries and to contribute to the economic development of Pakistan”.

He said the foundation for Pakistan-China friendship was laid by our founding fathers. Since then, this evergreen tree of friendship has been nurtured by successive generations of leadership and thousands of diplomats, officials, military officers, corporate leaders, professionals and workers.While complimenting their efforts Ambassador Masood Khan said the people present here today are the ones, who behind the scenes, have been sustaining this relationship.

He assured that this journey of friendship will continue and we all will work towards that end.

Earlier, former Chinese Ambassador to Paksitan Luo Zhaohui and Zhang Chunxiang recalled the memories of their stay in Pakistan and regarded it an excellent phase of their lives. Ambassador Zhang addressed the gathering in flawless Urdu.

via Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Chinese officials dedicate Lantern Day Festival eve to Pak-China friendship.


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