China on Kashmir

The statement of the Chinese Vice Minister of International Department of Central Committee of Communist Party, Ai Ping, that immediate solution of the Kashmir conflict in line with United Nations Security Council resolutions is essential to peace in the subcontinent is a strong reminder to New Delhi to abide by its international obligations.

Mr Ai made these comments at Mansoora in Lahore where he was holding a meting with Jama’at-i-Islami leader Syed Munawar Hussan on Wednesday. It was likewise reassuring to see the Chinese leader emphasise the importance of 2011 as the year of Pak-China friendship, pointing out at the same time that both the enemies of the two countries were mutual. It is a matter of great relief that China has invariably stood by our side, while the US does everything it can to besmirch the image of Pakistan. It leaders continue to articulate and rather advocate Islamabad’s stand on the Kashmir dispute, reminding India to give up its brutal occupation of the Held Valley. The zeal with which the Chinese have been endorsing the cause of Kashmiris and their right to self-determination is not so easy to match. New Delhi must heed China’s warning seriously because as Mr Ai has stressed, it is nothing but regional peace that is at stake. Being the permanent member of the UN Security Council, China is also a lawful authority for pressing for the implementation of its resolutions on a crucial conflict prevailing right next to its border.

One would very much wish that our leadership realise the great value of Chinese friendship for the country, especially in the present scenario of the Americans befriending New Delhi at the cost of our national interest, though calling us key ally in the war on terror. Our one-dimensional policy of siding with the US has done us great harm. It is time to shift the focus towards Beijing, not by mere words of mouth but actual deeds.

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