Pakistani engineer shines in China

A leading global telecommunications equipment and network solution provider in China has picked up a Pakistani Engineer for award on his excellent performance.

According to information Zeshan, a Pakistani graduate engineer has been selected by ZTE Corporation China to bestow him with the coveted “Excellence Achievement Award”.

“I am Pakistani and only non-Chinese engineer out of my company’s global 80,000 employees to be awarded with recognition award and performance achievement medal made of pure Gold & Silver” a delighted Zeshan told media on Tuesday.

Engineer Zeshan pointed out that he has been working in R&D section of ZTE Corporation China since last five years.

“In all 30 top engineers out of 80,000 employees were selected on merit and purely on the basis of their performance and contribution for their country and Alhamdulillah on the basis of last 5 years performance I was awarded the medal”, he said.

“I dedicate this medal to entire Pakistani nation and to my late parents”, said Zeshan in an interview to Chinese media.

via ZTE picks up Pakistani engineer from its 80,000 employees for medal | Scitech | DAWN.COM.


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