China in favour of peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute: Liu Jian

Ambassador of China to Pakistan Liu Jian said China is in favour of a peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute through dialogue and consultation between India and Pakistan. He said China’s visa policy for residents of Indian held Kashmir is based on principles and will continue. Speaking at a seminar at the Institute of Policy Studies here on “Chinese Experience of Reform and Development and Pak-China Relations”, he shared the experiences of China in its journey to progress and development.
He said China considered peaceful use of nuclear technology a right of every nation and double standards in this respect need to be avoided and discouraged. “China certainly opposes double standards regarding nuclear non proliferation,” he stressed.
Highlighting the achievements of Chinese people, he said China has moved from seclusion to the prominence during the past three decades on the basis of hard work and commitment of its people as well as leadership and is seen today as a successful model of comprehensive and harmonious development by the world.
Spelling out the achievements of Chinese people in various fields, he said China today is the second largest trading country of the world and a leading contributor to international growth.
The planners of national development have made sure that fruits of reform are shared by people of all areas of the country in all walks of life.
It is for this reason that per capita income of Chinese people has increased thirty two times in past years and life expectancy has also increased from 35 years in 1949 to 73 years now.
Ambassador Liu Jian also discussed the principles of China’s foreign policy, based upon mutual trust and respect. Noting that “some countries were trying to play a bigger role’ in global affairs, he underlined that foreign policy of his country is aimed at building a peaceful and harmonious international community where all states and peoples enjoy equal status and respect.
He said China had been able to develop closer trade, cultural and social linkages with almost all countries of the world and was playing its role in moving towards a prosperous future for whole mankind.
He said when China opted for market economy – it sent its experts to various countries and benefitted from experiences of others. China today welcomes other nations to benefit from its experiences but every country and every society has to conceive them in context of their peculiarities, he observed.
Talking about Pak-China relations, he said that both the countries had already signed a number of MOUs in almost all areas of mutual interest and it was ripe time that they are put into practice.
He said that his country wished to enhance its cooperation with Pakistan and had already suggested to the government of Pakistan that leadership of both countries needed to sit together to explore the ways in which China could contribute more effectively to energy sector in Pakistan.
While cooperation among both nations in all fields has increased during recent years on official and public levels. China could offer active and effective assistance in developing Pakistan’s energy and transport sectors as well as in building its infrastructure, he added.
The envoy also said that his government was offering 500 scholarships for Pakistani students to study in China and facilitating the tourists and business community.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ).


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