Chinese firm offers business support to Pakistani telecom provider

China’s leading telecommunications solution provider Huawei has announced that its latest business support platform is being adopted by Ufone, one of Pakistan’s major mobile operators.

According to a press release issued on Tuesday, Huawei and Ufone declared the deal on the Next Generation Business Support System (NGBSS) at a recent forum in Dubai. The two companies started their cooperation in Pakistan six years ago.

"Currently Pakistan has the world’s 10th largest telecom market. But the competition is very tough, since there are many operator players in the market," said Ali Ikram, Ufone’s General Marketing Manager.

Ikram said the telecom operator needs the state-of-the-art technology to expand its business and Ufone has achieved the highest revenue increase in the market due to leading marketing tactic supported by Huawei.

"The new system helps Ufone integrate with third parties more easily and widely, which expands our business and aligns with our strategy," he said.

Huawei’s new OCS system, part of Huawei NGBSS solution, is a renewed business transition charging platform sitting at the heart of Ufone’s strategy needed to respond to the changing market and the competition from more personalized marketing.

Pakistan’s premier mobile operators include Mobilink, a unit of Egypt’s Orascom Telecom, Norway’s Telenor, Ufone, a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Co. Ltd, Warid Telecom Pakistan, a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group and SingTel Group from Singapore, and Zong (CMPak) of China Mobile.

Chinese firm offers business support to Pakistani telecom provider – People’s Daily Online


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