Friendship between Pakistan & China is bonded in a historic relation

Sindh Minister for Culture Ms Sassui Palijo has said that the friendship between Pakistan & China is bonded in a historic relations which planted by the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and further progressed by the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhuto which would last thousand years ahead as good neighbourers, time tested friend and high spirit respect manner.

This she expressed while addressing at the “China Cultural week” in connection with 60 years celebrations of Pak China Friendship organized by the Sindh Culture Department in collaboration of the community Development department City District Government and Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and Chinese Consulate General in Karachi held at Sadequain art Gallery, Frere Hall Bagh-e- Jinnah here on Saturday.

Ms Palijo said that chinad had in every difficult moment helped the Paksitan especially Sindh for which people of Paksitan and Sindh proud over the gesture of the China. After Both great leaders President Asif Ali Zardar and Prime Minister Syed yousuf Raza Gillani were also strengthened the friendship and diplomatic ties between both friend countries and played their significant role towards improved relations in ever y field and sector. Like wise the Chinese president and premier were also made these ties and relations in a prosperous manner by extended their cooperation and help to the Pakistan. President Zardari had made six visits to the china which is the evident of the true friendship and good neighbors.

The Minister Culture said that Pakistan has signed with various MOUs with China which developed the Pakistan more progress and prosperous country. China in Economic, Agriculture, Archeology and now it would come into irrigation sector to help the Pakistan. She assured the Chinese Consulate in future activities at every level and hoped that such cultural activities boost up and aware the coming generations about the civilization, culture , history and every thing.

Chinese Consul General Zhang Jianxin also spoke on the occasion sad that today we celebrate the cultural week , through which people of both countries would aware and inform about the culture, history, rich civilization of the both countries. The celebrations regarding 60th anniversary of both countries s friendship and brotherly ties. Friendship between both countries like shining star in the sky and strongest as the mountains and deepen as ocean.

Consul General and Minister Culture witnessed the pictorial exhibition and film show at cultural week . Ms Sassui Palijo appreciated the work of the photography and painting by the artists. Consul General briefed the Minister about past,present and future of the China through picture and apprised her the cultural values, traditions and various aspects of the development, progress and strong China. On th ccasion Secretary Abul aziz Uqaili, Director General M.Ramzan Awan , EDO CDD, CDGK Ms.Rehana Saif, Director Mnazoor Kanasro, large number of all walks of life attended the exhibition and applauded the efforts of the organizers.

ONLINE – International News Network


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