Chinese delegation visits Lok Virsa

A high level delegation from China headed by Honder College of Inner Mongolia, National University of China President Zhou Yushu, visited the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) on Wednesday.

The delegation is currently on an official visit to Pakistan in connection with the celebrations of Pak-China Friendship Year.

Senior officials of Lok Virsa gave a warm welcome to the visiting Chinese delegation. They were taken around various cultural displays in the first ethnological museum of Pakistan.

The delegates took keen interest in the museum displays, in particular link passage depicting Pakistan’s historical linkage and cultural affinities with the friendly country China and presenting arts, crafts and terracotta warrior belonging to Qin dynasty excacated in China.All these artifacts have been gifted by China for display in the museum.

They were also very much impressed to see the cultural life of the ethic tribes of Hunza, Baltistan and Wakhan corridor in the Gilgit Baltistan projected at the museum.

Another display that attracted the delegates a lot was the coastral area of Balochistan – Makran – where the Sheedi tribe has been portrayed in a beautiful way.

A short live musical show with folk artists and musicians was also an essential part of the visit programme at Lok Virsa.

The leader of the visiting delegation Zhou Yusu highly appreciated services of Lok Virsa in documenting, preserving and projecting the traditional culture of Pakistan in such a systematic manner.

via Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Chinese delegation visits Lok Virsa.


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