Pakistan’s real friends

Those who somehow think that annoyance of the US with Pakistan would render it friendless in the world and that it is imperative to remain friends of the US to survive, two reports in the papers should wake them up from this deceitful reverie. For the Saudi monarch to receive Interior Minister Rehman Malik, carrying a special message from President Zardari, in the company of the kingdom’s top ruling hierarchy, suggests that the frost, which some feared had covered our once very close brotherly relations, has melted. King Abdullah also expressed his love for Pakistan and its people and accepted the invitation to visit Pakistan. Perhaps, the Osama episode and the public uprising in the Middle East have worked as catalysts for both sides to come together. Our leadership must realise that the Saudis have unhesitatingly come to our help wherever we stood in need of it and should, therefore, go out of the way to grab the opportunity offered by the king’s gesture and bring relations between the two countries back to the level that once existed.

The second news comes from China, which has an impeccable record of friendship with us and has ungrudgingly helped us in every conceivable field and without any strings. Since the Osama incident is the only country that has defended our role; others have, either, been pointing a finger at us or remaining silent in the face of US criticism. A prominent Chinese daily, Global Times, has reminded the West that Pakistan has suffered more on account of the war on terror than it could think of. Pressuring it further, it rightly says, would be ridiculous. It has pulled up the Western powers for their arrogant treatment of the third world.

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