Humanitarian services of Chinese for flood hit Pakistan lauded

Paying glowing tributes to the Chinese releif and rescue teams for their outstanding performance that helped saving thousands of lives of the marooned Pakistanis affected by massive floods in 2010, Ambassador Masood Khan said that this humanitarian service illustrates the close fraternity among the people of Pakistan and China.“It is at that tragic moment in our national history that Chinese search and rescue teams went to Pakistan,” said Ambassador Khan at a reception hosted for the members of the Chinese Search and Rescue Teams that visited Pakistan about a year ago.
He said “you went to Pakistan with a caring heart, a healing hand, and a smiling face. All of you worked under difficult conditions. There was sweltering heat in the camps where you worked.
“Patients whom you saw were traumatized. They had lost hope. You rekindled their hopes, wiped their tears, healed their wounds, cured their sickness and gave new life to them,” he noted.
The massive floods, Ambassador Khan said hit from the north to south. Roughly one fifth of our entire land was under water. 20 million people were affected by these out of which 11 million people became homeless. Some 2,000
people died. Cattle, houses, crops, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals were all washed away. Livelihoods were rudely disrupted. After the floods people were living in temporary shelters. Men, women and children in these shelters needed food to survive and medical care to ward off disease and epidemics.
“While you were in Pakistan you worked beyond the call of duty. You set new standards of self-sacrifice and dedication in rendering humanitarian assistance. In one single day you saw more than 1200 patients. You did it with care, kindness, compassion, and consideration”, he said.
Ambassador Khan pointed out “when it was time for you to come back home, the people in the camps did not want you to leave. And I know many of you who returned came back with a heavy heart. The bond had become so strong” he observed.
The resilient people of Pakistan, affected by floods, have risen again to rebuild their lives, livelihoods, communities, and lands, he added.
The people of Pakistan are glad that Chinese corporations, backed by the Chinese Government, are now participating in the post-flood reconstruction.
The reception that was attended by nearly 200 guests was also addressed by Major General Zheng Jingchen, President of the General Hospital of the Armed Police Forces, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sun Weidong, the Deputy Director China Earthquake Authority Yin Guanghui and the members of the relief and rescue teams that visited Pakistan.
Later, the guests were served with Pakistani and Chinese cuisine and gifts were presented to them by Ambassador Masood Khan for their outstanding humanitarian services.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Humanitarian services of Chinese for flood hit Pakistan lauded.


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