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July 31, 2011

China to give squadron of J10-B fighters to Pak

China will give Pakistan a squadron of the advanced J-10B multi-role, all-weather fighter aircraft in a bid to boost the strategic reach of its close ally, a media report has said.

China has made the offer to Pakistan Army’s Chief of General Staff, Lt Gen Waheed Arshad, who has just concluded a week long visit to China, the Pakistani Urdu daily Jang said.

Pakistan will be the first country, after China, to have such advanced aircraft which are equipped with the latest weapons, it said.

During Arshad’s visit, China reiterated its defence and economic support to Pakistan and assured him that the relationship between the two countries will reach new heights and Beijing’s efforts for the safety and security of “all weather” ally will be never-ending.

Lt Gen Arshad visited many sensitive places in China and called on General Ma Xiaotian, deputy chief of general staff of People’s Liberation Army and other officials including Lt General Ren Haiquan, the vice president of the National Defence University.

China to give squadron of J10-B fighters to PakChina and Pakistan have also jointly built an advanced fighter jet, JF-17, commonly known as ‘Thunder’.

China to give squadron of J10-B fighters to Pak

July 29, 2011

Pakistan, a beautiful country, people very friendly towards China: VP China Radio

Describing Pakistan as a very beautiful country and its people very friendly towards China, the Vice President of China Radio International (CRI) has said that through innovative concept of China-Pakistan River Tour Civilization, the visits of media from both the sides would certainly help cement people-to-people contacts.The concept to promote Pakistan, China culture and civilization through River Tours by media groups from both the countries will greatly benefit to understand the rich history and culture along the Indus River and Yangtze River,the Vice-President of CRI Madam Wang Dong Mei who led a China media delegation to Pakistan in May told APP at a reception.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to China Masood Khan hosted the reception for her and the Chinese Media delegation here Wednesday evening on their successful visit to Pakistan.
The CRI media delegation visited Karachi, Lahore Islamabad, Gilgit,Hunza and Northern Areas and with keen interest saw culture and civilization along Indus river. In response, a Pakistani delegation also visited various cities in China to study the civilization along the Yangtze river, one of the two major rivers flowing in China. The other river is called Yellow River.
She said that most of the members of her media had the opportunity to visit Pakistan for the first time and they made many friends there and still in contact with them on internet.
To a question that which city she liked the most, Madam Wang said that every city in Pakistan has its own importance and history so she liked all of them Madam Wang said that she was delighted to see many projects in Pakistan with the support of China, these included the building of frigate for Pakistan Navy in Karachi, the Hair Group Economic Zone in Lahore and the expansion work on Karakarum Highway (KKH) that connects both the countries.
She said the delegation met with Pakistani leadership including Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani who hosted a grand reception for the delegation and informed the salient features of Pakistan-China all weather, time tested friendship.
The Vice-President said that she was delighted to meet a number of Pakistani who expressed their keen interest in listening CRI programmes.
She said that at present CRI is disseminating its programmes from five cities of Pakistan, they are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Kohat and Multan.
The duration of these programmes in Urdu and English at present is for two hours daily, but in future CRI plans to further expand its duration.
Earlier, she informed Ambassador about her successful visit to Pakistan and the sweet memories she and her delegation members brought with them.
Ambassador Masood Khan informed Madam Wang that he was in touch and regularly watching the activities and meetings of Chinese media delegation on print and electronic media during their stay in Pakistan.
He said that Chinese leadership is very popular in Pakistan and even common people knows them.
Ambassador Khan said that people in Pakistan even knows very well about Ding Xiaoping theory of reforms and opening up that paved the way for China to hold second position in world economy.
He also appreciated Madam Wang for the documentary prepared by the Chinese media during their visit to Pakistan and said that it has truly reflected the true picture of his country.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency )

July 27, 2011

Pakistan-China friendship continues to grow: Chinese Ambassador

Ashraf Anasri

Islamabad—Addressing as Guest of Hounour at the degree awarding ceremony of Hamdard University on Tuesday, Ambassador Liu Jian of China said, friendly relations between Pakistan and his country have attained great heights and the friendship continues to grow to still greater heights.

The ambassador said unique and cordial relations are not merely confined to state or government level. These relations exist between the two nations, between the people of the two countries. He stressed the need to further strengthen and deepen friendly relations at people’s level, especially between the youths of the two nations.

He said, Pakistan is a great country full of natural and human resources, with unlimited possibilities of going toward and achieving progress. “The educated youths of Pakistan have to play pivotal role in harnessing of country’s resources for progress.” He made a reference to the challenges Pakistan is faced with saying the great Pakistani nation will overcome all the challenges. He advised the passing out students of Hamdard University to put the knowledge and skill they acquired into practice so that real objective of education was fulfilled. He pointed out that knowledge becomes power in the real sense when put to practice. He hoped that Pakistan’s youths would recognize their responsibilities and rise to the call of the nation.

He also made a mention of ancient Chinese tradition of pursuing knowledge and wisdom. He said pursuit of knowledge; skills and wisdom accompanied by hard work are prerequisites for socio-economic progress of a country.

Addressing the degree awarding ceremony of Hamdard University, Ms. Sadia Rashid, Chancellor of the University and President, Hamdard Foundation, said her university wanted collaboration with Chinese counterparts to carry out advanced research in various disciplines. “There was also a chance for extensive cooperation between the Hamdard and Chinese universities in promoting age old traditional medicine.” Her father Hakim Said Shaheed visited China some 48 years back to explore possibilities in this respect. Sadia Rashid had accompanied his father during his China visit. Ms. Sadia Rashid said, she has committed herself to mission of her father who believed that Pakistan would emerge as a great and prosperous country through the toil of its youths, equipped with modern science and technology with complete faith in Islamic values. He expressed the hope that new campus project of the Hamdard University in Islamabad would soon be undertaken and completed within a couple of years.

Addressing the ceremony, Chancellor of Hamdard University Senator SM. Zafar lamented that successive governments in Pakistan ignored education sector and that was one of the reasons for rise of terrorism in the country. “Intolerance and lawlessness are bitter fruits of ignorance”, he emphasized. He stressed the need of reviving the medieval Muslim tradition of pursuing knowledge, skills and wisdom. He pointed out that presence of the Chinese ambassador at the Hamdard University ceremony symbolized friendship between Pakistan and China and the year of Friendship marking 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nasim A. Khan in his address of welcome said, Hamdard University represents vision of Hakim Mohammad Said Shaheed. “It is one of the largest private sector universities of the country.” He said, the University was striving to achieve excellence in all its disciplines so that it could serve the nation in a befitting manner. Director General, Hamdard University, Islamabad Campus, Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed in his report gave details of achievements of the university in academic and co-curricular fields.

Pakistan-China friendship continues to grow: Liu

July 26, 2011

Hamdard University to celebrate Pak-China ‘Year of friendship’

Hamdard University will celebrate Pak-China ‘Year of Friendship’ (2011) on July 26 on occasion of Degree Awarding Ceremony 2011 at Quaid-e-Azam Hall, International Islamic University, Faisal Masjid Islamabad. Liu Jian, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China in Pakistan will be the guest of honour for Degree Awarding Ceremony” a press release issued here on Sunday said. Degrees, medals and merit certificates will be awarded in the disciplines of Engineering, Pharmacy and Management Sciences. Degrees will be awarded to 195 students, merit certificates to 6 students and gold medals to 6 students.

2011 has already been declared Pakistan-China ‘Year of Friendship. The Pak-China Friendship year 2011 also marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
China and Pakistan are closely linked with mountains and rivers and there has been a long history of friendly exchanges between the people.
Since the ancient times, we have been good neighbours, close friends and trusted brothers. Pakistan is among the first countries that recognized the People’s Republic of China.
China and Pakistan officially established diplomatic relations in 1951, followed by positive measures adopted by our two countries to improve and develop the bilateral relations.
During the Cold War when China was blocked and facing embargo by the West, Pakistan became the only bridge through which China reached out to the rest of the world.
The Chinese government and people over the years have been providing generous and unconditional help and support to Pakistan.
Apart from the achievements that Pak-China have jointly made over the years, still both countries have more to do in terms of education, trade, investment, defence and people-to-people contacts.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Hamdard University to celebrate Pak-China ‘Year of friendship’

July 25, 2011

Pak-China Common Civilization – strengthening ties for unity

Pakistan and China – countries joined by mountains and rivers, the Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Pamirs together – form a knot of geographical contiguity and unity.Pakistani and Chinese civilizations are not new. From 200 B.C to 700 A.D courageous scholars and envoys crossed daunting mountains to reach valleys of the territory that now constitutes Pakistan. Zhang Qian, Fa Xian, Song Yun, and Xuan Zang visited Swat, Charsada, Taxila, Banu, Peshawar, and Kashmir in these old days.The confluence of major river system brings them even closer as for centuries Pakistan’s civilization has been fed and enriched by the mighty Indus River, which has its source in China.

Similarly, China is custodian of the largest river of Asia, ‘Yangtze River’. It si full of natural beauty and has enhanced economical and socio-cultural position of the habitants, residing in the cities, established besides this giant river.
The years old civilization of Yangtze River of China, along with the Yellow River, the Yangtze is the most important river in the history, culture and economy of China. The prosperous Yangtze River Delta generates as much as 20% of China’s GDP. The river is an important physical and cultural dividing line between North and South China.
Chandu is one of the important cities established along the Yangtze River and a hub of economic activity of Western China which is not as much developed as the Eastern part of the country. In the views of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Chengdu Syed Hassan Habib, “the city did enormous development in technology and industry during last few years and became a centre of economic activity in Western China”.
He said that there are a number of opportunities for Pakistani entrepreneurs to start their business as the market has large potential for launching a new avenue, and added that four Pakistani companies have inked agreements and negotiation with two more business companies is also under process.
Famous for the beauty of local women, Chandu is also renowned for its cultural street. Full of colour and life, it is not only a source of attraction for foreign and domestic tourists but the native of the area also throng it in the evening to get rid from the monotonous routine life especially on weekends.
Walking through the street which offers delicious, traditional cuisine, a large market of souvenirs, daily use items, cultural heritage of the region and melodious live music for the visitors till late at night, the visitors enjoy every kind of entertainments and leave the road with unforgettable memories and with a wish to get a chance in future to come again at least once.
The inhabitants of Beichuan, located in an ethnically diverse mountainous region of Sichuan, faced a major challenge in 2008 when a worst earthquake hit the area which the magnitude of 8.0 on international Richter scale, but the country completed reconstruction of the affected area before the stipulated time and ensuring quality leaving the world astonished on this bold and courageous nation.
The reconstruction was started on February 2009 after preparing complete feasibility plan for the reconstruction work and the time period for the reconstruction work was three years but the work was completed with such a fast phase that the work was completed in two years only with the help of 17 cities who offered their voluntary assistance for the affected area.
The newly constructed city where the flood affectees were shifted named ‘Yongchang’ is equipped with every facility including hospital, community building, schools, library, museum and sports complex etc.
Beside the river civilization of Yangtze river, another remarkable and appreciable advancement of the neighboring country is construction of Three Gorges Dam, one of the biggest dam of the continent which not only a source of water conservation but the competent designers have constructed the dam without interrupting the transportation of ships passing through it besides ensuring environmental protection.
The total cost of the project was 180 billion Yuan, against the estimated cost of 200 billion Yuan due to efficiency, high pace of work and accuracy of the dedicated team. More than 30,000 labourers took part in the construction of the huge dam. The dam facilitates partially fulfills the energy requirements of 11 provinces with the dimension of 1000 cubic feet of the dam.
The dam was designed to control floods, generating power resources and improved navigation components. The dam also helped to control major damages in 2010 when third biggest flood hit the area as in past these floods claimed huge life and land losses and history shows that at least a major flood hit the area in every 10 years.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Pak-China Common Civilization – strengthening ties for unity

July 24, 2011

Pak-China youth responsible for friendship

Ambassador Masood Khan said that youths of both the countries have the responsibility to carry forward Pakistan-China all-weather friendship to new heights. “Investing in youth is the best way to further cement Pakistan-China friendship,” he noted. He was responding to various questions to a group of young students who came here at the Pakistan Embassy under “China Junior English Reporter” programme initiated by Shenzhen Daily, a leading English language newspaper of the city. The young students from various international schools from Shenzhen, a major city in southern China, bordering Hong Kong, asked many interesting questions to the Ambassador and got detailed reply. Many young students aged between 8-13, when asked which career they would like to adopt in their practical life, informed the Ambassador that they would like to become astronauts, sports persons, or adopt Information Technology, lawyers, biologist, Chief Executive Officers, bankers, army as their profession. To a question, Ambassador Khan explained the little students about the functioning of Embassy and the difference between an Embassy and a Consulate General. As none of the students showed interest in joining the foreign service, the Ambassador said: “I wish to tell you that diplomacy is also a profession.
Pak-China friendship

July 24, 2011

Pak-China cooperation

Farah Razzaq.

Pakistan has been facing an energy crisis since 2007. According to Robert M. Hathaway and Michael Kugelman “The growth in Pakistan’s economy has increased the pressure on energy resources. As demand for energy exceeds supply, power outages and planned power cuts are common.” Pakistan energy requirements are increasing day by day and not only economic growth but also political stability is linked with the energy resources. A possible energy solution, based on wind and solar energy can be used. Spain is already producing 73 % of its power needs from wind and solar energy. Pakistan for solving this energy issue co-operate with different countries e.g. Iran, Kuwait, France, Germany, Russia and China. China is our strategic time-tested and reliable friend. For this purpose in May 2011 many high officials and big business groups from China visited Pakistan and discussed with the government’s high officials and the representatives for different projects in the fields of energy, infrastructure and Railways in Pakistan. Many Chinese companies have already offered their support for different energy. China has also planned to invest in the 300 MW solar power projects in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan also offered Chinese companies to invest in the Basha dam.

China is an ever lasting friend of Pakistan. Energy cooperation between the two countries has multiplier effects and would pay attention now days. Keeping in view the emerging geo-political and geo-strategic position of China in the region both the countries should also develop defense cooperation and meaningful security agreements.
Pak-China cooperation

July 23, 2011

Pak, China navies celebrate 60th anniversary of friendship

pak-china-navyAbout 500 officers and staff of the Pakistan Navy celebrated the 60th anniversary of Pakistan-China friendship at a reception held on Wednesday Evening.

The reception was arranged at the deck of 3000-tonne Chinese made Ship Shamsheer at Qingdao naval port.

Speaking on the occasion Mission Commander, Commodore Amjad Niazi said that Pakistan Navy deeply values the support provided by Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Navy and expressed the confidence that the lasting association between the two navies would be taken to new heights in future.

Rear Admiral Sun De Zhong, Deputy Commander North Sea Fleet, congratulated the ship formation on this visit, which he said, has further strengthened the ties between the two nations.

The reception was attended by North Sea Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Tian Zhong; Chief of Staff of Pakistan Navy, Vice Admiral Asif Sandila; officers of the PLA Navy, defence attaches of various countries and officials of the Pakistan Embassy.

Two Pakistan Navy ships, PNS Shamsheer and PNS Nasr arrived at Qingdao port on the morning of 19th July after a journey of 30 days to join the celebrations.

Qingdao, the capital of Shandong province, is a major seaport, naval base and industrial centre of eastern China.

Pak, China navies celebrate 60th anniversary of friendship