Pak-China cooperation

Farah Razzaq.

Pakistan has been facing an energy crisis since 2007. According to Robert M. Hathaway and Michael Kugelman “The growth in Pakistan’s economy has increased the pressure on energy resources. As demand for energy exceeds supply, power outages and planned power cuts are common.” Pakistan energy requirements are increasing day by day and not only economic growth but also political stability is linked with the energy resources. A possible energy solution, based on wind and solar energy can be used. Spain is already producing 73 % of its power needs from wind and solar energy. Pakistan for solving this energy issue co-operate with different countries e.g. Iran, Kuwait, France, Germany, Russia and China. China is our strategic time-tested and reliable friend. For this purpose in May 2011 many high officials and big business groups from China visited Pakistan and discussed with the government’s high officials and the representatives for different projects in the fields of energy, infrastructure and Railways in Pakistan. Many Chinese companies have already offered their support for different energy. China has also planned to invest in the 300 MW solar power projects in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan also offered Chinese companies to invest in the Basha dam.

China is an ever lasting friend of Pakistan. Energy cooperation between the two countries has multiplier effects and would pay attention now days. Keeping in view the emerging geo-political and geo-strategic position of China in the region both the countries should also develop defense cooperation and meaningful security agreements.
Pak-China cooperation


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