Pakistan-China friendship continues to grow: Chinese Ambassador

Ashraf Anasri

Islamabad—Addressing as Guest of Hounour at the degree awarding ceremony of Hamdard University on Tuesday, Ambassador Liu Jian of China said, friendly relations between Pakistan and his country have attained great heights and the friendship continues to grow to still greater heights.

The ambassador said unique and cordial relations are not merely confined to state or government level. These relations exist between the two nations, between the people of the two countries. He stressed the need to further strengthen and deepen friendly relations at people’s level, especially between the youths of the two nations.

He said, Pakistan is a great country full of natural and human resources, with unlimited possibilities of going toward and achieving progress. “The educated youths of Pakistan have to play pivotal role in harnessing of country’s resources for progress.” He made a reference to the challenges Pakistan is faced with saying the great Pakistani nation will overcome all the challenges. He advised the passing out students of Hamdard University to put the knowledge and skill they acquired into practice so that real objective of education was fulfilled. He pointed out that knowledge becomes power in the real sense when put to practice. He hoped that Pakistan’s youths would recognize their responsibilities and rise to the call of the nation.

He also made a mention of ancient Chinese tradition of pursuing knowledge and wisdom. He said pursuit of knowledge; skills and wisdom accompanied by hard work are prerequisites for socio-economic progress of a country.

Addressing the degree awarding ceremony of Hamdard University, Ms. Sadia Rashid, Chancellor of the University and President, Hamdard Foundation, said her university wanted collaboration with Chinese counterparts to carry out advanced research in various disciplines. “There was also a chance for extensive cooperation between the Hamdard and Chinese universities in promoting age old traditional medicine.” Her father Hakim Said Shaheed visited China some 48 years back to explore possibilities in this respect. Sadia Rashid had accompanied his father during his China visit. Ms. Sadia Rashid said, she has committed herself to mission of her father who believed that Pakistan would emerge as a great and prosperous country through the toil of its youths, equipped with modern science and technology with complete faith in Islamic values. He expressed the hope that new campus project of the Hamdard University in Islamabad would soon be undertaken and completed within a couple of years.

Addressing the ceremony, Chancellor of Hamdard University Senator SM. Zafar lamented that successive governments in Pakistan ignored education sector and that was one of the reasons for rise of terrorism in the country. “Intolerance and lawlessness are bitter fruits of ignorance”, he emphasized. He stressed the need of reviving the medieval Muslim tradition of pursuing knowledge, skills and wisdom. He pointed out that presence of the Chinese ambassador at the Hamdard University ceremony symbolized friendship between Pakistan and China and the year of Friendship marking 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nasim A. Khan in his address of welcome said, Hamdard University represents vision of Hakim Mohammad Said Shaheed. “It is one of the largest private sector universities of the country.” He said, the University was striving to achieve excellence in all its disciplines so that it could serve the nation in a befitting manner. Director General, Hamdard University, Islamabad Campus, Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed in his report gave details of achievements of the university in academic and co-curricular fields.

Pakistan-China friendship continues to grow: Liu


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