China conditions India’s NSG membership to Pakistan’s entry

The US wants to pilot India’s membership to the four sensitive technologies export control regimes including the NSG which has the most stringent controls. The Indo-US joint statement during US President Barack Obama’s confirmed this tactic–however the Indo-US 123 deal itself is the doldrums. While the US-India deal languishes in paperwork, China has built four Nuclear reactors in Pakistan.

China has taken a principled stand on new members to the Nuclear Supplier’s Group (NSG). It is proposing a “criteria based’ admission criteria, rather than an exception based one. This is clearly meant to jeopardise the Bharati admission into the NSG by conditioning it to the admission of Pakistan.

China has questioned India’s membership proposal before the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) on grounds that an exception should not be made for just one country. Beijing is transparent in its intentions. In a clear attempt to build a case for Islamabad, Beijing has informed the 46-member NSG grouping that all potential candidates must be considered for membership–leaving the Bharati admission in the doldrums.

At the June 23-24 meeting of the NSG at Noordwijk in the Netherlands, the Bharati admission was challenged in certain quarters. There is concern over India’s membership given the fact that that it is not a signatory to the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty). Some of the NSG countries are urging the US, France and UK to reassess the impact this may have on the non-proliferation regime.

China that took a totally different line and asked for rules of membership to be framed for all potential candidates than make an exception for India. This is a pointed reference to Pakistan. It is one of the two remaining nuclear powers that have not signed the NPT. The Chinese emphasis was aimed at benefiting Pakistan and complicates India’s case.

Source: Rupee News


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