New communication satellite ‘PakSat-1R’ a symbol of Pakistan China cooperation

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Masood Khan  has said that Pakistan’s new communication satellite—PakSat-1R, is important for the country for many reasons. “It is a symbol of Pakistan-China cooperation in the area of space science and technology. It is the first of the kind to be launched by China and Pakistan. Therefore it establishes a new platform, and it marks a new beginning” said Ambassador Khan in an interview with China News Agency on the occasion of launch of PakSat-1R from China. The use of satellite would bring direct benefits to Pakistan’s  economy, Khan said adding that it would refine and enhance country’s capabilities for the use of broadband Internet, digital broadcasting,  mobile telephony, and disaster prevention and management. All these capabilities will enable Pakistan to focus more sharply on social development, especially on education and health sectors, he said.

The Pakistan Communication Satellite—PakSat-1R, is due to be launched in space from Chinese satellite launching site located at Xichang city during the second week of current month, depending on weather conditions. It will replace Paksat-1.
Ambassador Khan said “As we accomplished this goal of launching PakSat-1R, we will swiftly move on to expand our collaboration with China in related fields of space science and technology”.
The launching of the satellite, he said coincides with the celebrations of 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.
Masood Khan said Pakistan and China are moving into the higher stages of aerospace cooperation. Remote sensing satellite is one such area. This satellite will cover crop monitoring, weather forecasting, urban planning, disaster preparedness and response, earth observation, and oceanography. These applications will have a direct impact on agriculture, industry and services sectors of Pakistan, vital for economy.
Ambassador Khan said last year Pakistan was hit by massive floods which caused large scale devastation across the country. It was at that time that the country fully realized the importance of a remote sensing satellite.
In the long term, he said we also want to cooperate with China on satellite designs to develop Pakistan’s indigenous capability.
He expressed Pakistan’s desire to participate in China’s Manned Space as well Deep Space Exploration programmes.
He, however regarded it as something for the future. “It is our desire that the first non-Chinese astronaut to travel on board a Chinese spaceflight is a Pakistani”.
Referring to the advancement made by China in space technology, Ambassador Khan said that China is constantly forging ahead at a brisk pace. It has made extraordinary strides into space science and technology as well as aerospace industry.
Ambassador Khan said China’s space technology industrial base is expanding.Shenzhou 7, the third manned spaceflight has established a new threshold for China.
He, however said that China is not sitting on its laurels. It  is constantly moving forward. It has already planned Shenzhou 8 which  will be docked with Tiangong 1 space module. Tiangong-1 will place the  first portion of China’s planned space laboratory in orbit. This will  be a breakthrough. The docking of Shenzhou 8 and Tiangong 1 is expected  to be followed by Shenzhou 9. The Beidou is yet another technological achievement as China can launch and operate complex systems in space.
These are all new frontiers that China is conquering, he remarked.
The people of Pakistan, Ambassador Khan said, are proud of these scientific achievements of China.


2 Comments to “New communication satellite ‘PakSat-1R’ a symbol of Pakistan China cooperation”

  1. It is good to know that joint Pakistan – China PakSat 1 R geostationary satellite finally roared into space after a long delay of more than 10 -12 years. Many nations like France, Russia, US had in the last 15 years promised cooperation with Pakistan in completing a Geostationary Communication Satellite and later launching the same after its completion but all these nations chickened out in the following years after their false promises. With the result Pakistan had to contend buying one old partially disabled Hughes Space Satellite, Annetoli from Turkey in 2002 and keep this functional in its assigned space through a satellite control station in Australia. Here again ground control for satellite was not given entirely to Pakistan for fear of Pakistani scientist gaining expertise in constructing a better and modified ground control station of their own for any future Pakistani Geostationary Satellite. Such tactic and and tighter control laws for knowledge sharing in Satellite technology were designed internationally to keep Pakistan away from achieving Satellite technology. Finally in earlier years of retired Pervaiz Mushharraf’s rule, an understanding was reached with China for Joint manufacturing a state of art Geo-Stationery Satellite and later launching the same from Xichang Space Launch Station in China. Thanks God after this successful launch on August 12, 2011, Pakistan has slapped the faces of all the developed nations which had refused to sell Satellite Technology to Pakistan. Contrary to this, these nations have been fully cooperating with Pakistani arch rival India in selling, sharing and loaning sate of art Satellite Technology for the past 35 plus years. Thanks God, today Pakistani scientists proved their ability to do some thing unthinkable with China’s help. Go ahead Pakistani Boys, slap these developed nations in other areas also like Nuclear Reactor Building technology for which these nation have maintained a very tight control for our talented nation. we all hope God speed in your future endeavors.

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