Retired Chinese soldiers pay homage to KKH martyrs

A group of retired  People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers is currently visiting Pakistan to pay homage to Chinese workers who lost their lives during the construction of Karakoram Highway (KKH) whose cemetery is located in Gilgit,said a press release received here from China.The Chinese crossed the Khunjerab border by road travelling through Kashgar and Tashkoghan.The eight-member delegation from Hunan province of China comprises three PLA soldiers,one relatives of a soldier,who died during the construction of KKH more than 30 years ago, as well as journalists.

Pakistan ambassador to China Masood Khan who met them before their departure for Pakistan appreciated the gesture of paying homage to their martyred compatriots buried in Pakistan.
“These soldiers laid down their lives for Pak-China friendship.We value their sacrifice.
Their legend will live forever,” he said.
Talking to them ambassador said that KKH is living example of Pakistan China friendship and serves as abridge between the people of the two neighboring countries.The visit to Pakistan has been widely publicized by Chinese media.


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