Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan’s mining and energy sector

Chinese companies want to invest in the mineral and energy sector in Pakistan, Shi-Jun, Vice Governor of Gansu Province of China on Thursday said while leading a ten member delegation to Board of Investment (BOI).
Shi-Jun while talking to Chairman BOI Saleem Mandwiwala said that Baiyin Nonferrous Limited, Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Company Limited and Jinchuan Group, three leading state owned Chinese companies want to invest in Pakistan in the mining and energy sectors. “We want to bring forth new ideas of scale-economic development ways, metal product level, technological process equipment level and technological economic index to advanced level in Pakistan” Shi said.
Chairman BOI acknowledged the positive approach of the Chinese groups towards investing in Pakistan and assured all due support and facilitation on behalf of Government of Pakistan, so as to successfully complete this exemplary project. Baiyin Nonferrous Group Corporation Limited produced more than 6 million tonnes of 4 kinds of cathode copper, aluminum ingots, lead ingots and zinc ingots.
The main products which were produced by Baiyin Nonferrous registered in London Metal Exchange (LME) and the “IBIS” Brand have a high reputation and renowned at home and abroad.
Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Corporation Limited is one exclusive regional company of China. It mainly takes up investment development, construction and operation management of coal, thermal power (heating power), railway, coal chemistry, water conservancy, hydro power, wind power and photo electricity projects. The company owns a coal production capacity of 20 million tonnes, along with the coal resource in Ningzheng coal field of 3.352 billion tonnes. The Company consists of 5 hydro power companies, while at the same time possessing development rights of 7 medium and small hydro power stations. Jinchuan group limited is a diversified large mining conglomerate integrated with mining, mineral processing, refining, chemical production and value-adding fabrication. Jinchuan with mining and metal as the core business and a series of auxiliary businesses and a nickel flash smelting furnace is the fifth of its kind worldwide. It is the first of its kind in Asia possessing copper integrated smelting furnace and rich-oxygen top blowing smelting furnace for nickel. Director General Land and Resource Commission, DG State owned Asset Supervision Commission, DG Reform and Development Commission, Chairmen Jinchuan Non Ferrous Metal Group, Chairman Beiying non Ferrous Corp, President of Huaneng Group Gansu Corporation were among the delegation that visited BOI.


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