The Pakistani coach of China’s cricket team

China’s cricket team coach Rashid Khan on Friday said that the improvement graph of the game in the country has been impressive and the things will only get better.
“The game has made tremendous progress post-2006 and it feels proud to be associated with people who are eager to learn the trade,” Khan, a former Pakistan Test player told ‘The News’ on Friday.
In addition, he claimed that women players are even more quick learners than men.
The game of cricket is still new for the people of China, who are fond of watching and playing football, basketball, badminton, table tennis and gymnastics.
“Although cricket is getting popular but it is yet to be recognised as it is a relatively new game. But I optimistic that cricket will certainly make its mark in the whole country,” he added.
Khan, who played four Tests and 29 One-day Internationals (ODIs), revealed that the promotion of the games is continuing at the schools and colleges in China and the response has been satisfactory.
Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has played a vital role in promotion of the game in China and according to Khan, Director General PCB Javed Miandad has played a major role.
“Miandad has been very helpful because he is willing to assist us in every way. He is such a great player but yet remains very humble and often gives me tips to better my knowledge, so that I can serve China in a better way,” he said.
“Chairman PCB Ijaz Butt too has been very supportive of China.”
China participated in the 2010 Asian Games, which was played in Guangzhou’s cricket stadium. As hosts, they took on the likes of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates. The Guangzhou cricket stadium has been given to the China Cricket Association (CCA).
“The Guangzhou stadium in now with CCA and I am sure they will try to arrange a few series for us against top sides,” Khan said.
“I expect that a junior team of Pakistan or the ‘A’ side could play against us. Ijaz Butt came to attend the Asian Games and had a chat with officials of CCA over arranging a series back in China.”
He stressed that the popularity of the game will substantially increase if cricket gets into the Olympic fold. Khan added that the country has all the infrastructure and financial muscle needed for the development of sports and only the recognition is missing.


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