China reiterates strong support for Pakistan

China has said in unequivocal terms that it wants to see a strong Pakistan, one that lives out its full potential and serves as a cornerstone for regional and global security. The assurance has come from the Chinese ambassador in Pakistan Liu Jian on the occasion of the 62nd National Day of his country through a statement. The Day is being celebrated today (Saturday).

Jianís assertions gain importance in the backdrop of the recent war of words between Washington and Islamabad and escalating tensions between the United States and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, highly placed diplomatic sources here revealed to The News Friday evening that the Chinese President Hu Jintao will be visiting Pakistan soon and that the visit could take place within ten weeks. The two countries are working out details of the visit through diplomatic channels and no schedule has been made public as yet.

Chinese ambassador Jian has said: “As diplomats, we don’t only wish for Pakistan, we work for it. Every day and night, we breathe with you, work with you, sympathise with you, and believe that Pakistan’s best days are ahead. And we will always be there for you.”

The ambassador said there is no denying that Pakistan is passing through trying times. As a time-tested and all-weather friend, China wishes the best for Pakistan. “I would like to reaffirm that the Chinese government and people highly value our traditional friendship with Pakistan and always place high on our diplomatic agenda to develop good relations with Pakistan,” the Chinese ambassador said. The ambassador said: “At this time

of national celebrations, we recollect and reflect. We recollect those visionary leaders, leaders who gifted us with an independent homeland, leaders who inspired us to build socialism with Chinese features, and leaders who help realise our dream of common prosperity through scientific development. We also recollect those leaders from abroad, whose vision and wisdom have always been a source of strength for China.

“As we recollect, we also reflect. We reflect upon those trying times as well as hopeful moments. We reflect upon our national journey with ups and downs, gloom and bloom. Since there is no precedent to build such a complex and unique country as China, we have to do it by trial and error. In some Chinese leaders’ words, we have to ‘wade across the stream by feeling the way’. Thanks to the policy of reform and opening, we have made great strides in national building during the last 30-odd years. It is deeply satisfying today to see our country moving ahead confidently with the set direction of building socialism with Chinese features under the dynamic leadership of the Communist Party of China.” The Chinese ambassador ended his remarks with the slogan of ‘China Zindabad’, ‘Pakistan Zindabad, and ‘China-Pak dosti zindabad.’

China reiterates strong support for Pakistan


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