Beijing increases investment in Pakistan-China rail link

Pakistan has welcomed China’s decisions to boost infrastructure investment in Xinjiang economic zones, including the construction of a railway link with Pakistan and a separate network with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, a statement said on Monday.

“We welcome this decision by the State Council. It reflects the vision of the leadership of the two countries to enhance connectivity between China and Pakistan,” said Ambassador Masood Khan.

“A rail link between our two countries will shorten distances and create new transportation, trade and energy corridors.” Khan said that some ground work had already been done in this regard. The State Council’s timely decision, he said, gives a fresh impetus to establish closer rail link between the two countries.

The enhanced transportation links between Pakistan and China will launch modern silk routes passing through the adjoining territories of China and Pakistan. The decision for the setting up of infrastructure, including laying a railway network had been taken when the State Council recently unveiled guidelines giving more support to the construction of two economic development zones in the western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region bordering various countries, including Pakistan.

According to guidelines released on the central government’s website, the State Council will adopt measures such as fiscal subsidies and tax preferences to facilitate the construction of the Kashgar and Korgas economic development zones located in western and southern Xinjiang.

Pakistan hails Chinese investment for railway link


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