Pakistan, China for prosperity in region

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Masood Khan said on Thursday  Beijing and Islamabad   were cooperating with each other  to eliminate menace of  terrorism as this  would  help the region  attain progress in all  sectors of life.     Massod Khan   told a private TV channel that  Pakistan and China were time- tested friends   and both keenly desired that this region should make   progress and become prosperous but to make this certain, it   had become necessary to eliminate terrorism . The ambassador said that  peace in the region is also essential for providing safety to  land routes  in the area.  The ambassador citing  an instance said the historic and prestigious Silk Route besides bringing the two countries closer  has also helped them expand  trade with each other. 

He said China had attained tremendous progress and it could be a shining example for Pakistan to do the same. He said being a sincere friend China was willing to  help Pakistan  become a prosperous state.
Replying to a question, he said that another example of  China’s  desire to see  this region become propersous was that it wanted both Pakistan and India to peacefully resolve their dfferences.
This, he stated  would surely lead the region  become economically strong and stable  and in turn in would make it peaceful for the people to live and thrive. 
Masood Khan said sincerity of China was also evident from the fact that it wished the international community and the United States to truly  acknowledge the great sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in war against terrorism.
He said that  for the purpose of attaining  good result, China desired that Pakistan and The United States should have cordial relations with each other.      
The ambassador of Pakistan to China in reply to a question,   said that  the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)  had been established to maintain peace in the region besides controlling narcotics and menace of terrorism.


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