Bolstering Pak-China cultural relations

In a bid to foster Pak-China cultural ties, a 37-member delegation of National Defence University (NDU) China visited Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) here on Wednesday.

The Chinese representatives were invited by National Defence University (NDU) Pakistan to showcase Pakistan’s soft and enlightened image through visual and performing arts.

The delegates were taken on a tour to the National Art Gallery where paintings by some of the legendary artists including Sadequain were on display. The Chinese representatives were later shown a string of cultural performances by students of National Performing Art Division, which included a documentary titled “Taxila Odyssey”. They were particularly enthralled by the performance of late Nusrat Faret Ali Khan song “Dam Mastt Qalandar”.

NDU China Vice President Lieutenant General Ren Haiquan appreciated the work by Pakistani artists and commended the students on their remarkable performances.

He said that the art and culture of Pakistan and China have lots of similarities, which is the true reflection of the history of both the countries.

“Culture has no boundary, no border and no restriction. I wished the friendship of both the countries will be strengthened by the exchange of cultural and art performances,” he added.

PNCA Director General Tauqir Nasir said China is a time-tested friend of Pakistan. He hoped that through cultural performances and people-to-people contact, Islamabad and Beijing would come closer.

Visit: Bolstering Pak-China cultural relations – The Express Tribune


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