China to invest in coal sector of Pakistan

Sino Resources Group Limited China showed interest in coal processing of removing moisture to turn it into high version coal, which is highly efficient in upgrading the commercial value of lignite.
The company also gave detailed presentation of the most advanced coiled tubing, drilling and nitrogen stimulation technologies. A six member delegation of Sino Group, Shaanxi Dingbian Lide Oil well technology Service Limited and China Cultural Heritage Foundation, led by Jane Geng, Chairman called on Zia Uddin, Executive Director General of Board of Investment (BOI).
The China Cultural Heritage Foundation members were interested to open up super stores in Islamabad for the availability of Chinese products in Pakistan.
This store will promote the Chinese products and culture in Pakistan to create a cultural bonding between the two countries.
In this regard, the delegation will meet the competent authority of Capital Development Authority for the allocation of the site and other acquisitions for the super stores.
Zia Uddin appreciated the efforts being made by the company for their investment plans and briefed that in order to attract investment in Thar, a comprehensive incentive package has been developed with consultation from all stakeholders, which included 20 percent IRR to firms, 30 years exemption on corporate tax, all custom duties on import of coal mining projects allowed at zero percent to reduce the initial capital investment, exemption on withholding tax to shareholder etc to reduce the initial capital investment.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – China to invest in coal sector of Pakistan


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