Five-day festival reflects Pakistan-China ties

Pak-China friendship is deeper than the oceans higher than the Himalayas and sweeter than the honey. A close neighbour can be more helpful than a distant relative. We all know that Pakistan and China have maintained an everlasting friendship in which both the countries have supported each other in every front, weather it is economic, defence, international affairs and culture. Weather the Karakorum Highway linking the two countries can be taken as the symbol of Pak-China friendship in the 20th century, the Gawadar port under construction in Balochistan province will be another mega-project symbolising the two countries friendship in the 21st century. They decided to make the year 2011 the year of friendship and a to mark the friendship between both the countries they have built a beautiful piece of architecture in the heart of Islamabad and named it Pak-China friendship centre, which has state of the art facilities in it.

A couple of days back, PNCAs, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and China Culture Heritage Foundation (CCHF) organised a Chinese Exhibition titled ‘Oriental Charm’ at Pak-China Friendship Centre marking the Pak-China Friendship year 2011.

The hall was well decorated for the occasion where banners were displayed in the main hall. People from all walks of life attended the inaugural program. Chinese Ambassador Liu Jian and Sajjad Kamran Addition Foreign Secretary inaugurated the 5-day cultural festival. Chairman China Cultural Heritage Foundation Madam Geng Ying was also present on the occasion. The Chief Guest on this prestigious occasion was Additional Foreign Secretary, Sajjad Kamran. Chinese Ambassador on the occasion said Art is the common language of all mankind. From these art works, you can gain much insight into Chinese people’s way of life, tastes, values, national psyche and character, as well as factors leading to China’s past glory and today’s rejuvenation. By promoting the cultural exchange between our two countries, we can know each other better, and thus build our all-weather friendship on a more solid base. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations, and also a year of friendship agreed by leaders of both countries.

It is a befitting time to pay tribute to forefathers of this legendary friendship. Souvenirs that included the details of the artists and their artwork were distributed among the guests, which gave them further insight into the Chinese culture and the contributions of renowned Chinese artists. This effort was done to enhance the cultural awareness between the countries. As this cultural awareness programs would increase the brotherhood between the two countries.

The Additional Foreign Secretary, Sajjad Kamran said on the occasion that it is an honour for him to join our Chinese friends and distinguished guests at the opening ceremony of the Chinese Cultural Exhibition, aptly named as “Oriental Lingering Charm”.

True, the oriental charm is lasting. He added that Madam Geng’s visit therefore marks an important event this year when we celebrate the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries. China’s undeniable support for Pakistan in difficult times is deeply appreciated. Pakistan-China cooperation covers a number of areas of mutual interest.

An important segment of this cooperation is cultural and people to people interaction. Cultural exchanges between Pakistan and China are centuries old.

The historical Silk Road now known as Karakoram Highway binds our cultural past and the present together. He further said that the richness and variety of the Chinese culture is only too well-known.

Madam Geng Ying is a renowned artist who has played a key role in promoting the Chinese culture at home and abroad.

This exhibition will certainly provide a unique opportunity to the visitors to experience what the Chinese culture has to offer at its best.

It would also renew our cultural linkages on which we can rightly pride ourselves.

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