Pakistan moving closer to China: report

Pakistan is moving closer to China amid India-US deepening relations and growing tensions between Washington and Islamabad, an American newspaper quoted a Congressional report as saying.

The latest report on Pakistan by the independent Congressional Research Service said that Islamabad was becoming more reliant than ever on its friendship with China as US-India ties deepen”.

Deteriorating relations between the US and Pakistan in the wake of Osama Operation have increased Islamabad’s reliance on China as a key international ally.”

The report said that that Pakistani leaders had become notably effusive in their expressions of closeness with China in 2011..

It said that China, during Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s visit in May, urged the West to “must respect” Pakistan’s sovereignty .

China also agreed to expedite delivery to Pakistan of 50 JF-17 fighter jets equipped with upgraded avionics. Islamabad is also negotiating with Beijing for the purchase of six new submarines for as much as USD 3 billion in what would be the largest-ever bilateral defence purchase.

According to the report there were some concerns in Congress that wreckage from a previously unseen “stealth” helicopter used by US Special Forces in the Osama bin Laden raid would be examined by Chinese officials, potentially providing them with valuable intelligence on secret US military technology.

Deepening of US-India relationship, Pakistan moving closer to China: report | The News Tribe


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