Efficiency of Chinese rescue team praised in Pakistan

Beijing – With a loud roar and blowing dust, a Pakistani military helicopter landed near an infirmary in Kunrui in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Before getting off the helicopter, the reporter already saw a Five-Starred Red Flag: The helicopter had arrived at the Mobile Tent Hospital of the Medical and Rescue Team of the People’s Liberation Army.
It took about two hours for the helicopter to make the 320-kilometer trip east from Karachi to it Kunrui. Because of the damaged road, the Chinese medical team spent seven hours traveling on the road to reach Kunrui on Oct. 21.
Liu Minghua, the Health Service Commander of the rescue team, told the reporter that the team started working in the afternoon of Oct. 22, and by Oct. 25, it had treated more than 500 patients. Casal, a Pakistani colonel in charge of the rescue work at the local place, said that the efficiency of the Chinese medical team was amazing and the team already started treating the people before the supplies and equipment fully arrived.
The Mobile Tent Hospital was set on a broad high ground, with scattered thorns and grasses growing on the sand dunes around it. Because of the dry whether, blisters could be seen on the lips of many team members. The Chinese military attaché in Pakistan Major General Wang Jiliang exhorted them that they must also take care of themselves while helping the disaster-stricken people.
Zhang Yu was a veteran doctor of the Respiratory Department of the hospital. When he was going to the camp after finishing his work, a young doctor from the Registration Office Ji Shanhe suddenly came to him and told him to see a critically injured patient who was just sent in.
Upon entering the room, Zhang found a women aged more than 50 years huddling under a bed with her head cradled in her hands. She obviously had great difficulty in breathing, with her heart beating 120 times a minute, so Zhang immediately asked a nurse to fetch medicine.
"Breathe in the mist first, and then hold your breath for 10 seconds," interpreter Xiao Chen told a Pakistani solider, who then told the woman in Sindhi. After the emergency treatment, the woman sat up and kept saying that she felt much better. Zhang then prescribed some medicine for her and told her to come back the next day for a follow-up exam.
At present, the Chinese medical team is the only medical team in the country’s flood-stricken area. A Pakistani medical officer said that the medicine and equipment left by the Chinese medical team last year have played a great role again during this year’s flood relief. The Pakistani military took advantage of these resources and built a series of medical stations in the Badin District in September.
In order to ensure the safety of Chinese medical team members, the Pakistani military have arranged for them to live in an army camp 40 kilometers away, and it takes the team members more than three hours to travel to and from the hospital every day under the escort of military vehicles.
A military officer said, "We see the medical team members as our brothers and sisters, and must ensure their absolute safety." A Chinese medical team member told reporters, "I hope to live in the tent hospital, so I could have more time to treat patients." More than 50 members of the medical team have been sleeping on the floor these days because all camp beds have been used as hospital beds.

Efficiency of Chinese rescue team praised in Pakistan – People’s Daily Online


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