China’s aid to Pakistan shows true friendship

Beijing – Despite difficulties, a 50-member medical team from China is working hard to help flood victims in Pakistan, who are deeply moved by the efforts of the medical team members.
Liu Minghua, head of the Chinese medical team, said they arrived on Oct. 21 in the flood-stricken Kunri town about 320 kilometers east of Karachi, one of the largest cities in Pakistan. Due to the severely flooded roadways and the urgency of their tasks, the medical team members, who did not have enough rations, had to satisfy their hunger by drinking mineral water and eating instant noodles and peanuts.
Although the flood-hit Kunri did not lose order, various diseases were still threatening the health of local residents. Upon arriving there, the medical team members quickly set up a simple tent hospital consisting of the essential departments of gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, dermatology and gastroenterology, and then devoted themselves into saving the lives of flood victims.
They have also used high-tech remote medical devices to provide emergency medical services to critically ill patients far away. So far, the Chinese medical team has treated more than 1,200 patients in Pakistan.
To respect local social and religious customs of Pakistan as a Muslim country, the medical services team has specifically included 14 female doctors. To popularize health and cultural information and eliminate the sources of infectious diseases, the team has also provided local doctors with special training and taught disaster-hit people good health habits.
Liu said that the medical services team has taken on the commitments made by China and aimed to promote China-Pakistan relations. Therefore, the medical services team has not only combated diseases in disaster-hit areas but it has also tried to eliminate the sources of diseases.
They are making efforts to postpone and prevent the spread and proliferation of diseases by offering children in disaster-hit areas health and cultural education, helping to establish basic medical services facilities and continuously increasing health awareness.

Although China’s medical services team faces tough living and working conditions and cannot adapt well to local hot and dry climate and even have no access to hot water, none of the team has ever complained.
The Chinese medical team not only treated the patients but also carried out practical things to improve the flood-stricken people’s education and cultural life. The medical team sent a special group to visit a women’s needlework school of the disaster area, gave the school milk powder as a gift, and also carried out physical examinations for the Pakistani officers, soldiers and their family members.
In order to eliminate mosquitoes and pests thoroughly, the medical team not only carried out disinfection and sterilizing activities in Pakistani military camps and the settlement sites of the flood-stricken people but also presented eight sterilizing equipment as well as the disinfectant to the Pakistani side.
One special focus of the Chinese team’s efforts is disease prevention. The team chose 12 Pakistani officers and soldiers with medical foundations and gave them disinfection and sterilizing trainings so that they could inherit the Chinese medical skills. For the kids of the flood-stricken area, the medical team also prepared some stationery, bags and toys for some school age children of the settlement sites.
The Chinese medical team’s spirit of utter devotion deeply touched the local flood-stricken people. Some Pakistani patients held the hands of the members of the team and said with tears in their eyes, "you are so nice. We hope you stay and don’t go."

China’s aid to Pakistan shows true friendship – People’s Daily Online


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