China to give tech help to Pakistan

Chinese President Hu Jintao.China is to collaborate with Pakistan in building some science and technology projects and in joint research. The 17th Session of the China-Pakistan Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation concluded in Beijing on Friday. Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar of Pakistan and Chinese Vice Minister for Science and Technology Cao Jianlin held discussions.

"We have very productive meeting with the (Chinese) officials in which we have identified some projects that we would implement in Pakistan with the Chinese collaboration," Associated Press of Pakistan quoted Tarar as saying. These projects include exchange visits, study tours and Chinese assistance for different projects, he said.
The Chinese were told about Pakistan’s new science policy. Tarar said that emphasis has been laid on further strengthening and allocation of more funds for R&D, capacity building and ensuring integration between universities and research institutions. He said: "We can only develop our indigenous technology with the support of our friends around the world."
He said that the new policy would be implemented from this year. Regarding funds, the minister said that their allocation was 0.6 per cent of the GDP and by 2015 it would be scaled up to 1 percent and in 2020 to about 2 percent.

China to give tech help to Pakistan


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