Pakistan, China to hold military drills next week

Pakistan, China to hold military drills next week

The exercise, named YOUYI (Friendship), will begin on November 16 and continue for two weeks.
The joint exercise is aimed at mutual exchange of experience and information through a comprehensive training program in real time, the sources said.
The exercise will encompass techniques and procedures involved in Low Intensity Conflict Operations (LIC) environment. This joint interaction in form of military exercise aims at sharing and enhancing expertise of both the armies in countering terrorism.

Exercise YOUYI between two countries started in 2004. The Pakistan Army was the first foreign army to conduct any exercise on Chinese soil. So far three exercises have been conducted, including two in China and one in Pakistan.
These exercises were mandated to boost existing professional relationship between the two friendly armies.
The exercises coincide with the 60th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Pakistan and China.
Both countries had also conducted joint exercises in July 2010, in Qingtongxia in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Chinese defense officials were quoted on Wednesday as dispelling the impression that China and Pakistan are holding a joint military exercise to put pressure on New Delhi, and said the anti-terror drill is not targeted at any third country.

Pakistan, China to hold military drills next week


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