Pak, China leadership pays special attention to promote economic ties

Ambassador Masood Khan has said that the  leadership of Pakistan and China is paying special attention to the promotion of economic relations between the two countries.“The indicators of trade and economic cooperation are good. Last year,bilateral trade was US $8.7 billion. This year, we are set to cross the US $10 billion mark,” he said, while addressing an investment forum here.By September this year, the bilateral trade had already touched the figure of $ 7 billion, he told APP Sunday.

Chinese corporations are investing in the energy, telecommunications,construction, mining, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors, he said.
“We are also turning our attention to education, health, human resource development, and water resource management,” he said, adding that we have to work hard to realize the full potential of our geographical contiguity and economic complementarity.
Together, Pakistan and China will revive the Old Silk Route and create new trade, transportation and energy corridors that will connect China with West Asia
and Europe. And Pakistan will be the bridge and the economic hub between China,West Asia and Europe, he noted.
Our strategic and political ties are at their height, he said, emphasising that between our two nations, we have trust.
President Zardari, he mentioned, has visited China eight times in the last three years and Prime Minister Gilani four times. Premier Wen Jiabao paid a historic visit to Pakistan last year, he added.
He said that Pakistanis are a resilient and hardworking nation. Like the Chinese people, they are ingenious and innovative. Like China, Pakistan also values its independence, integrity, and dignity.
“We in Pakistan are keen to learn from our Chinese brothers and sisters and work for win-win partnerships based on the principle of mutual respect and mutual benefit,” he noted.
We appreciate Chinese businesses strong commitment to Pakistan’s market.For our part, we assure you to provide safety and security for Chinese enterprises and  personnel in Pakistan, he added.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Pak, China leadership pays special attention to promote economic ties: Masood Khan


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