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Please drop your comments if you appreciate the bonding between the two great nations.


2 Comments to “Your Comments”

  1. Last year An EU based Diplomatic Mediator Faisal Muhammed warned to Pakistan and said
    This is a time for Pakistan renew its foreign Policy towerds China and now the situation is
    Alarming to Pakistan click this link to see this importantstatement.

  2. We hail this step taken by our democratic government to extend it’s relation with China in the field of economics. I believe that this is very high time for either countries to translate their long lasting bilateral friendship into vivid and sustainable economic terms. The economic scenario and political scenario of the world is going to change, both these friend countries has to be dynamic on all fronts to boost their relations. Though this is a very a fleeting step taken by chinese, but yet we believe more concrete steps must be taken in our manufacturing and other segments of industry.

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